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Do you ever look around your home and wonder how all of a sudden, did everything get there? Our home, right before our very eyes, has become cluttered; full of ‘stuff’ and things we might need ‘just in case’ and because I’m quite a sentimental kind of lady, a lot of our belongings hold memories for me whether it’s a mug my hubby bought me for my birthday or calendars of years gone by with photographs of my family in. I’ve become a bit of a hoarder and with a 19 month old toddler who is into EVERYTHING, something has to give.

Our home is a good sized terrace with two reception rooms and a kitchen downstairs with two double bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs. Currently, we have a lounge where we watch television, unwind after a long day at work and where Little Mr plays with his toys and makes a mess. We have a dining room where we all eat together. This is such an important room for us and one that we use a lot. Before Little Mr came along, the room was used for my sewing projects, hubby’s school work and marking and where we would invite our family round for Sunday lunch. The room still does all that but is also home to a playpen, six baskets of toys, a sideboard crammed full of craft bits and bobs and crockery that we have gathered over the last ten years and enough paperwork to fill a book.

operation play room

We love our dining room but we need a playroom. We need a room which is safe for Little Mr to play in without me worrying what he is picking up (particularly car keys, wallets, cutlery etc.) It needs to be a room where we can sit and watch cartoons on a rainy Saturday afternoon with access to toys and books. I still need to store some of my craft stuff in here (particularly my cross stitch, quilting and scrapbooking essentials) as well as our photo albums, books and CDs. I have a plan.

This evening we have trawled around our local Ikea and made some plans. We have decided to take serious action and begin Operation Play Room. We have found units that we like and that are practical. We need to store our stuff somewhere! I’ve decided upon a colour scheme and love pink, mint green and white. I’ve put together a Pinterest pinboard of items that we’re hoping to get for the room and I really hope we can pull it off. I’m really excited that we’re putting the space in our home to good use. We’ll still be using the room as a dining room so the table will be staying but the rest of the room is going to be revamped, sold and adapted (minus the carpet which we can’t afford to replace) I’m very excited, I can’t wait to pull it all together and have a room where we can all relax and know that Little Mr is safe.

Have you adapted your home to suit your family life? Do you think a play room is important?

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  • Reply Donna 13/09/2014 at 10:01 pm

    I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I would LOVE a dedicated playroom, for now we have given over most of our house to the little people instead! x

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