Lindam Backseat and Pushchair Organiser // Review


When I’m out and about in the car and Little Mr is with me, I like to make sure I have a few essentials with me. I’m a ‘just in case’ kind of lady! Most of the time we take a small bag packed with Little Mr’s things in but sometimes there are days when I just need to nip out to the shops or the stress of the day has got the better of me and I forget to pick the bag up. Lindam are there to help busy parents and with their backseat and pushchair organiser all stocked up, there’s one less thing to remember on those busy days.Lindam 1

The Lindam backseat and pushchair organiser is easily attached to the rear of the front/passenger seats or the back of a pushchair. The handy clips on the top and bottom loops allow the user to secure the organiser to the back of the chair which can be easily removed if needed.

There are plenty of storage pockets on the organiser; a zipped mesh pocket at the top for things that you don’t want little hands to access easily. We have stored Little Mr’s dummy in here and some tissues so we know they’ll be there when we need them. The next row of storage pockets is ideal for beakers, wipes and pouches of food. The pockets are open so they’re easily accessible and deep enough for most toddler beakers. The organiser is wipe clean so is toddler friendly, ideal for when muddy boots kick the back of the seat and the organiser.

Lindam collage

We have stored some books in the bottom pocket as its a longer length. Little Mr doesn’t go anywhere without a book or two to read so it’s ideal for keeping his books safe. I’m not sure how safe the books would be in the organiser in a pushchair but for in the car, it’s ideal.

I really like the Lindam backseat and pushchair organiser. It’s a great size for storing essentials in the car, I like to keep my car tidy and don’t like to see things all on the floor as I end up losing things. The organiser is great for keeping everything in its place and I would recommend this organiser to all those Parents who use their car with their children.

The Lindam backseat and pushchair organiser is priced at £10.49 and in my opinion represents good value for money.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own.

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