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The mind of my 19 month old, Little Mr, fascinates me. He is at that age where he is learning from everything. From our ordinary every day routine, he knows where we cook the dinner and that he needs to sit in his high chair for some food, how we open the front door with a set of keys and that they need to be rattled for them to open the door. He’s amazing us with what he’s discovering of late and it’s an absolute joy to watch.

He’s become fascinated with things that move. If it’s got wheels or wings then he’s interested. One of his most favourite things to look at is cars. He points to them in the street and shouts ‘CAR’ and when he’s at home or his Grandparents house, he always makes a beeline for his car toys and starts making engine noises and drives them about. I often wonder how he knows what to do with them as we haven’t told him. I guess it’s just what he’s picked up from watching the world go from his car seat as we travel in the car to and from places or watching the cars go by up and down our street.

Little Mr has a small collection of car toys which is growing steadily (we just bought a couple of new car toys from Tesco.) The best thing about cars is that they’re all so different; some have big wheels, some have three doors, some have five. There are red ones and blue ones, metal ones and wooden ones. There really are a lot of cars out there to play with.

Recently we went to the farm and took a ride on a trailer that was pulled along by a yellow tractor. Little Mr was in his element. It made his day and it’s lovely to see how something so simple can make him smile. I know Little Mr’s fascination with cars, tractors and trains is only just beginning and I can’t wait to see how he interacts and learns from them in the future.

Disclaimer: Tesco provided me with some insights to make this post possible, but all opinions are my own

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Emma Shilton

Emma Shilton, is a UK Family Lifestyle blogger from the West Midlands, UK, Emma is Mummy to two boys; Olly, (born February 2013) who loves Lego, cars and old cartoons and Freddie, (born January 2018) who loves noisy toys and making a mess. The blog follows their adventures as they capture everyday life, family travels and adventures.

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  1. 16/09/2014 / 9:59 pm

    Little Man is obsessed with cars, trucks and anything else that moves too! x

  2. 20/10/2014 / 6:41 pm

    We often underestimate how much a toddler takes in, and how quickly they begin to pick up vocal! It’s great to see Little Mr is getting lots of encouragement. It’s also handy when toddlers begin to become fascinated with things like cars so we can use them as a motivation to learn things like colours :)

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