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As a Mama, I know how important it is to get the right childcare in place for your child. Luckily, I have been able to rely on my family to look after Little Mr whilst we are at work during the week but I know for some, family isn’t an option. This is Riley’s Mums story about how she found the perfect Nanny.

“Before my daughter, Riley, was even born, I knew I would not want to be out of the office long. A career woman at heart, I have always enjoyed my job. However, the thought of leaving Riley everyday led me to give pause. Aside from how much I would miss her, who in the world would take care of her? I needed to be comfortable in knowing that my daughter would be receiving the love and care she deserves.

Although my Husband and I are more than capable of raising our daughter, it was important for both of us to not have to give up our career aspirations. Which is why it became important for us to find a nanny to make sure Riley would always come first, while still allowing us to pursue other goals. With a nanny, Riley receives the attention she needs, whether that be learning or playing.

As someone who would be spending everyday with my daughter, it was important for me to find the right person. Knowing that my child’s well being would be in the hands of a stranger was pretty nerve-wracking. I wanted someone who would laugh and play with my daughter, while properly being able to discipline her as she makes mistakes. Ultimately, I want my daughter to grow up into the best version of her, so it was crucial that the nanny would support her along with my husband and I.
So I turned to my older sister, my go to resource for everything. Her nanny, Catherine has become an indispensable part of her family. For the past four years, Catherine has taken on the roles of friend, tutor, doctor, chauffer, body guard, and so many more to my two nephews. My sister hit the jackpot with Catherine. I was convinced I’d never find someone as good as her.
She told me she found Catherine through Quintessentially People an international recruitment agency headquartered in London. The agency conducted the search and screening process leaving my sister stress free, and with the perfect nanny.

So I gave the daunting task to Quintessentially. By the end of the week, they found Abby. A genuine sweetheart, she connected with my daughter immediately. With Abby, I finally felt good about going back to work. I was able to hire the perfect nanny without having to lift a finger. Abby has truly been a blessing for our family”

Disclaimer: This is a post in partnership with Quintessentially

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