Taking the After School Chefs Challenge


As a working Mama, I want to feed my family healthy, nutritious meals but as many other working parents would agree, time is not always on our side. When we get home, it’s a rush to get a meal on the table so we try and plan ahead so we know what we’re eating. Depending on what the meal is, Little Mr will eat the same meal as us but sometimes it’s not always possible for us all to eat together. For times like this, Birds Eye can help.

As part of the After School Chefs Challenge, Birds Eye sent us some vouchers so we could cook up some yummy, tasty meals for Little Mr. We bought a selection of Birds Eye products, most of which are regulars in our freezer for quick time-saving meals. We stocked up on favourites such as potato waffles, crispy chicken dippers, fish fingers, frozen peas and field fresh select mixed vegetables.

birds eye

I love knowing that if I get in late from picking Little Mr up from his Grandparents, that within 20 minutes I can get a meal full of nutrients onto his plate for him to eat. His favourite meal of late is definitely a couple of chopped up fish fingers, a waffle or two and a couple of spoonfuls of vegetables. It’s been a battle of the wills to get Little Mr to eat different vegetables other than peas and broccoli but when we put a spoonful of the Birds Eye mixed vegetables on his plate, he was interested. He loves bright colours and was intrigued by all the different shapes on his plate. To my surprise, he tucked in and enjoyed carrot batons and fine green beans along with his usual favourites.

 Since that evening meal, he’s been tucking into different vegetables and I couldn’t be happier!


Birds Eye is a brand I trust. I’ve grown up with having their products in the freezer and I’m pretty sure some of their products (mainly waffles and peas) were in my section of the freezer at university. It’s good to know that all those years on and Birds Eye are still helping families feed their little (and big) ones with nutritious food that fills them up and is good for them. No junk here!


This week Little Mr will be having a selection of Birds Eye dinner time treats as I try out new recipes for hubby and I. I’m sure he’ll be tucking right in and enjoying his mixed veg and fish fingers with savoury rice with a fromage frais for afters. Yum!

How do you make sure your little one gets a nutritious meal at dinner time? Are you a Birds Eye fan too?

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.

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