Little Mr at 18 months old..



Little Mr you are 18 months old today.

You are such a cheeky little fella. Your smile will get you in and out of trouble when you are older as it does now. You’re quite an impatient boy, I suppose you get that from me, always asking for “this, this, this” and very recently, you’ve learnt to say “yes” and “no” although sometimes you don’t really mean yes and often push the drink we thought you asked for away.

Your speech is coming along brilliantly and you’re repeating new words everyday. Just yesterday you said ‘Blue’, ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Chilli’ as we were playing with your Doc McStuffin playing cards. Mama is really going to have to watch what she says! You recognise numbers and often say the sounds of the words even if they’re not correct. You can say you’re own name too but obviously not when we’re in company as that is just too embarrassing!


We were so proud of you on our recent holiday to Turkey. You loved spending time with your cousin and really enjoyed the evening mini-disco; wiggling your bottom and moving your arms around, you really had a lot of fun. You’ve also started to sing along with Mama in the car, whether it is just to a song on the radio or to some of your favourite nursery songs such as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.

Your favourite foods are Daddy’s ham and cheese omelettes along with your utmost favourite vegetables; peas, sweetcorn and broccoli. You’ve taken a fancy to Blackcurrant and Apple sugar free squash and Mama was very proud that you ate some of her chilli dinner yesterday.

little mr

Since you found your feet there really is no stopping you. You toddle off here, there and everywhere and will happily walk around rather than sitting in your pushchair on a stroll (much to Mama’s dismay!) but then I think of how your Daddy and I are raising an inquisitive, independent little boy and you make us very proud.

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