Advancements in Motherhood


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As a busy Mother of an active toddler, I do take for granted many of the ‘essentials’ I use on a daily basis and I often wonder how my Parents or my Grandparents coped without them. Obviously to them it was the norm and they just made do with what they had, how did they know they would need a bottle warmer or Ewan the Dream Sheep. It’s interesting to read that the first baby monitor was invented in 1937 yet so many Parents saw them as a luxury item and could not afford them, I know my Parents did. Today, I rely heavily on our video baby monitor to watch, and listen out for, Little Mr in his bedroom of an evening when we are downstairs.

I’m fascinated by the inventions that have arose over the last one hundred years and how they are now well integrated into modern life as this infographic by Benenden shows. It is amazing how often they are relied upon by millions of parents as they carry out their daily lives and it makes me wonder what products are going to be invented over the next one hundred years and how future parents will use them and wonder how parents of the past lived without them.

Motherhood_Infographic_benendenI’m saddened to read that with all the advancements in technology, science and society that breastfeeding is still a taboo subject. When I was pregnant with Little Mr  I was adamant that I was going to breastfeed him and although I only got to give him colostrum and my time breastfeeding was minimal, I’m glad that we gave it our best shot. I’m disappointed that 1 in 5 women suffer negativity in breastfeeding in public. It is the most natural thing in the world and no Mother should ever be subjected to feeling negative about providing for their child. I do hope that in years to come breastfeeding is looked upon by society more positively so that no Mother feels uncomfortable and I would like to see the results of a similar survey in years to come.

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