How do you wear your #AXA Business Pyjamas?


If only I could go to work in my pyjamas. There would be no dilemmas about what to wear for work; is the blouse too fussy? Does the jewellery match the outfit? Is it too warm for trousers or too cool for a skirt? Wearing pyjamas to work would be ideal!

As I work in a professional role within a school, I need to look the part. I have to attend meetings with Headteachers, Union Representatives and Governors, which can, sometimes, be quite serious and of course, I need to be taken seriously. Rocking up to work in my onesie probably wouldn’t cut it. For work, I usually wear smart office wear such as black trousers with some sort of top. Most recently, I have spent a lot of time in the office and so have got away with wearing a t-shirt style top with my black trousers and a pair of sandals but I do love making an effort every once in a while and wearing the full suit combo of trousers and a jacket and matching accessories when the time calls for it.


When I went back to work following my maternity leave, I was really conscious that I didn’t look too mummsy. I don’t think my work style has changed, I definitely wouldn’t wear heels all day or a skirt for work.


AXA are inviting you to show them your business pyjamas for your chance to win an iPad mini. All you need to do is a take a selfie of you working in your pj’s and write up a blog post telling them what you wear for work. Alternatively, you could post your selfie on twitter (don’t forget the #BusinessPyjamas hashtag) and tell AXA by tweeting them @AxaBizTeam
I nominate Mrs Bishop to join in the fun. Good Luck!

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