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I’ve recently been taking part in the #RealMumsAllBran challenge and before you stop reading and think that All-Bran tastes like cardboard and looks like rabbit food, you might be interested to know that there are 3 new All-Bran flavours and actually they taste quite good.

I’ll admit, I’ve not had All-Bran in a long time. It wasn’t my cereal of choice and I never really took much notice of it on the supermarket shelves. Until now. All Bran have introduced three great new flavours to widen the appeal of All Bran; Golden Crunch, Red Berry Crunch and Chocolate Wheats.

I’ve been eating All-Bran as part of my daily diet for a couple of weeks now and have actually noticed a difference in my digestion. I had chronic irritable bowel syndrome in my mid-twenties and eating any type of cereal or spicy food would set me off. I had to change the foods I was eating and combined with a healthy low fat diet and ensuring I ate breakfast, I was able to kick a lot of my IBS symptoms to the curb and felt a lot better.

Of course, old habits die hard and although I always make sure I eat something for breakfast these days to kick start my metabolism, my tummy has been feeling quite sluggish of late and is prone to bloating when eating a lot of fruit, vegetables and bread.

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I’ve been eating a bowl of All-Bran (Red Berry Crunch is my favourite) at work for breakfast and it has really helped with my digestion. It has helped regulate my movements (TMI, sorry!) and I’ve felt a lot better for it.

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Enjoying Red Berry Crunch at home

I’ve also read that All-Bran can be eaten as part of the healthy eating plan I’m going to start in August so I’m pleased about that. I can continue to enjoy the new All-Bran flavours (even the chocolate one is quite tasty!) and hopefully lose some weight at the same time to help me love my tummy more.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs 

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  • Reply Kate on Thin Ice 23/07/2014 at 2:07 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. You have yourself an amazing Summer. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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