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owt and little mr

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When I was pregnant with Little Mr I heard lots of old wives tales from friends and family claiming to know lots about my unborn baby. To be honest, I ignored a lot of them as people irritated me (it was my hormones!) How on earth could they know something about my unborn baby from something that someone used to say.

I’m taking a look back at the top five old wives tales that were banded about during my pregnancy and seeing if there was any truth in them at all now Little Mr is here and thriving.

#1 – The Shape of your belly

Supposedly, you’re carrying a girl if – you have a big, round belly and your bump is high up. You’re carrying a boy if – you carry your bump low and it’s a smaller belly that is just all baby.

emma bump2

What a load of rubbish. I had a big, round belly and Little Mr was most definitely a boy!

#2 – The Mayan Tale Calculation

The Mayan tale calculation, according to many an old wife, is if you add the mothers age at conception to the year of conception it will give a number. If that number is odd, then you’re having a boy. If it’s even, you’re having a girl.

I was 29 at conception and the year was 2012. Adding those both up gives 2041 (a boy!) – Little Mr is a boy – is it just coincidence?

My Sister conceived my nephew at the age of 23 and the year was 2007 – adding them up to 2031 – she had my nephew – again, is it a coincidence? I’m a little sceptical here..

My Mom conceived me at the age of 23 in the year 1982 – adding them up to 2005 – I am very much female – Mayan Tale is wrong
My Mom conceived my sister at the age of 24 in the year 1983 – adding them up to 2007 – My Sister is female – Mayan Tale is wrong

#3 – Heartburn

If you have heartburn throughout your pregnancy, your baby will be born with a full head of hair.

Very dubious of this one. I had heartburn during pregnancy and drank a bottle or three of Gaviscon throughout the nine months of carrying Little Mr. I was aware of the old wives tale but wasn’t sure whether my indigestion was due to my pregnancy cravings and eating rich foods or the fact that I was carrying a boy. (You can check the symptoms of heartburn here)

LM newborn

Little Mr had a bit of hair when he was born but not lots that would warrant the agonising months of heartburn. We did think he might be born with a lot of hair like my Hubby but we were wrong. His hair was brown but fair and is now blonde just like his Mamas.

#4 – Side you rest on

According to the old wives tale, if a pregnant lady prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers to lie on her right side, she’s carrying a girl.

Throughout my pregnancy I lay down in bed on my left side. It was more comfortable and more importantly, it meant I was lying with my back to my husband who’s snoring was ridiculously loud. I don’t know anyone that lies towards their heavily snoring partner! Co-incidence or Old Wives Tale? I’d say co-incidence.

#5 – Craving Meat

Pregnancy cravings apparently can tell you the sex of your unborn baby. Crave meat and cheese and you’re carrying a boy. Crave sweet things and you’re carrying a girl.

During my pregnancy I couldn’t get enough of red meat. I wanted steaks, I wanted burgers, I wanted meatballs. The lot. I craved the taste of juicy red meat and the odd pot noodle. Bizarre! Little Mr is a boy so perhaps there’s something in this one.

Our beautiful BabyShilts was very proud of his private parts and had them on full show for our 20 week scan. I was delighted to be carrying a baby boy, I didn’t really believe in the old wives tales but perhaps some of them were true.

Did you listen to the old wives tales during your pregnancy? Did any of them ring true?  I’d love to hear from you. 

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  • Reply Katie Haydock 12/07/2014 at 11:53 pm

    I have a daughter at age 28 in 2014 – even?
    I couldn’t keep myself away from beef (gravy was like amber nectar) and pink lady apples for most of my pregnancy. I slept on my left because the midwife told me to and I had no heartburn what-so-ever and baby L could have been wearing wig she has that much hair!
    And I was ALL bump! My bump was low and MASSIVE! Lol.
    These old wives tales keep everyone else amused but I got sick of telling people that I didn’t know what I was having and that it would be a BABY above all else ‘hopefully not a kitten’!

  • Reply susankmann 14/07/2014 at 5:36 pm

    All my babies had lots of hair, especially my first and I didn’t suffer from heartburn. x

  • Reply Hannah 26/07/2014 at 5:20 am

    #1 – I had a medium sized bump but was carrying all forward rather than out to the sides which apparently points towards a boy. And baby was a boy. (Would later turn out that I’d be nearly all baby as he was nearly 10lbs!)

    #2 – I was 27 and he was conceived in 2013. So that’s 2030 – wrong!
    My mum was 23 and I was conceived in 1985 – even and I’m a girl…

    #3 – I didn’t have it until the third trimester and oh my days sometimes I thought my ears would catch alight! When Jaxon was born he did have a full head of hair (and lots of people comment about how much hair he has!)
    It was dark brown to start with but it’s getting lighter.

    #4 – I was on my right side and even now I prefer my right side (still can’t go back on my front)

    #5 – I craved banana milkshake towards the beginning. Had one day when I really wanted a burger. Then towards the end it was strawberry milkshake and Jaffa cakes. Having said that my friend had a little boy and ate burgers by the box full.

    So according to this one I was carrying a girl lol. Another friend had a girl and craved the very spicy pot noodle.

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