Little Mr at 17 months


9.7.14 -1

17 months.. that’s 515 days since you were born and still to this day do I have to pinch myself that I’m your Mama. Your gorgeous curly blonde hair is getting longer by the day and I still don’t want to cut it and your cheeky smile is mostly always smiling.

You do have your moments though ; when you don’t want to get up in the morning and you’re rolling round your cot bed, you don’t want to try a new meal I have cooked for you so you’re waving your arms up at me or when you definitely don’t want your nappy changing and will try pretty much everything to get off the changing table.

Little Mr, your speech is coming on really well. Just last night you amazed me by repeating your name and then at bedtime, you pointed to the teddy bear on your photograph frame and saw ‘awww teddy’. You are taking things in each and every day and I couldn’t be any more proud.

Your walking more and more now and reluctantly will sit in the pushchair. You’ve found your independence and you’re not having it taken away without a fight and rightly so.

I think of life before you and although it was pretty good with your Daddy and Mikey, you really have changed our lives. I appreciate life and how precious family time is. I often see things through your eyes and I’m amazed. It’s only going to get better when you discover new things and start to have more favourites. I can’t wait for you to be able to talk back to me and tell me all about your day. Although I don’t want time to whizz by too quickly, I’ve already lost the last 17 months in a blink of an eye so I’m treasuring every day.IMG_7475

Over the next month we’ve got lots of adventures planned; we’re off to see one of your favourite television shows on tour, you’re going to a friends birthday party, you’ve got a family engagement party and BBQ, a plane ride to Turkey (and back again) with a family holiday in the sunshine and Daddy to keep company for the whole of the six weeks holiday. You’ve got a busy month ahead Son, enjoy it!

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  • Reply Stacey Guilliatt 10/07/2014 at 10:37 pm

    I just love his curls! x

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