Five doors are better than three


car1Last weekend was an exciting one in the Shilton household as we said goodbye to my lovely three door Corsa and exchanged it for a brand new shiny five door version. We don’t change cars very often in our house so this was a very big thing.

My old car was bought eight years ago from a car dealer direct from the garage and only had 100 miles on the clock. It was bought with commuting and road trips in mind, perfect for my post uni lifestyle of settling down, finding a job/career and enjoying the weekends as a free bird with my fella as my wingman. Little did I know it was going to be my freedom and my independence both of which  I took for granted. Back in 2008, I had an unexplained seizure and on the advice of my neurologist, my driving licence was revoked. I was devastated. Living fifteen miles away from my own family I felt isolated and robbed of my freedom. Luckily for me, six months later, I was able to drive again and I’ve never been so pleased to sit in a traffic jam making my own decision whether to take a different route home or not. 

Fast forward seven years and with the arrival of Little Mr, my car was becoming a bit of a pain to use with only three doors and recovering from a c-section. Attempting to put a baby seat in the back of a car via the front door requires some skill. Luckily for me, my lovely hubby let me drive his car (with a huge boot and five doors with easy access to the rear passenger seats) and take over his boot with my pushchair.

As a modern working family, we both need a car for work as we work miles apart,  taking Little Mr to his Grandparents for childcare, visiting family and enjoying weekends away. We rely on our cars and having a brand new car with no MOT to worry about for the next three years is a huge relief. I do worry about what I would do if I broke down but having found this handy guide on how to change a tyre, I’m going to print off and keep with my manuals in the car just in case. There’s a really useful series of guides online which are great to keep for reference in time of need.


As I waved goodbye to my old car and said hello to my super shiny five door with that unbeatable new car smell, I felt like the next chapter had started. Who knows what will happen in the next eight years? Will there be room in the back for another car seat? I hope so!

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  • Reply Donna 02/06/2014 at 10:30 pm

    Such a lovely shiny new car!!! Five doors is definitely so much better with children than three doors x

  • Reply Julie Roo 21/07/2014 at 12:22 am

    I am going to be realllllly honest. Three doors scare me. Ive been in a crash where i had to climb out the boot and since then I refuse to have less doors than passengers. I cant bare the thought of which child would i rescue first if in a crash. I wont let Blokey drive a three door either… Not even as a hire/courtesy car.

    Apparently i’m weird. ;-)

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