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As Little Mr gets older, he has become more and more independent with his food. I won’t lie, I don’t like to remember our weaning adventures. We started off slowly with purees but he wasn’t interested in food (not sure where he gets that from!) We gave him lots of different textures, flavours and tastes and gradually built our way up to offering him finger foods and different meals.

We’ve had accidents (a cheese sandwich related incident in a supermarket resulting in me buying him a set of brand new clothes and a lot of wipes,) tears and a few heart in mouth moments but we’ve got there. Fast forward seven months and we’re still experimenting with different foods and meals but he does have his favourites. This evening Little Mr ate a bowl full of sweetcorn, peas and broccoli with barbeque chicken breast and homemade potato wedges and then fed himself a fromage frais.


Our friends at Tesco Loves Baby are compiling some research and they need your help. They want to know all about your baby weaning adventures. One lucky reader will win £50 towards their next weekly shop by answering the short survey here. What have you got to lose? Be quick though, the survey ends Friday 16th May at 11am.

You can access the survey here. Good luck!

Disclaimer: No compensation has been received in publishing this post. 

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