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So we’re already nearly at the end of May. Where does the time go? May has been another tough month in the Shilton household with family illness, sleepless nights and change.

My lovely Dad is slowly recovering from his heart operation and is now adapting to a life of daytime television, rehab and exercise. It won’t be forever but it will be for the foreseeable, it might be boring but I am so thankful to my lucky stars that he’s still with us and was able to share his birthday with us at home.

Dad May 2014

My Grandad has been poorly after having a stroke and only this weekend was moved to a care home where he can be looked after whilst the modifications can be made to his own home. I have seriously seen enough of hospitals these last couple of months, I wouldn’t care if I didn’t step foot inside another one. He’s making progress though which is brilliant and we’re encouraging him to talk to us however frustrating it is that he can’t get his words out like he used to be able to.

Little Mr is astounding me with his progress each and every day. He’s talking more and more of his personality is coming through. He’s a cheeky little man who’s smile will get him into trouble when he’s older I can see it now. He’s also very stubborn and likes to be independent. Can’t imagine at all where he gets that from.. ahem!

Emma and LM May 2014

We’ve had a few sleepless nights due to Little Mr for one reason or another. I’m wondering if he’s suffering from night terrors as one night last week he woke up screaming and didn’t want cuddles. He seemed very distant and I wonder whether he was awake or still asleep but with his eyes open! It was all very disturbing but we’ve had sound advice from Fi, who has recently launched her Baby Bedtime Book, a must read for any parent like me going through tough times at bedtime, and fingers crossed we are doing much better!

Hubby has been discharged from the hospital with his sleep apnoea issues. He wears a CPAP machine at night to help him breathe and touch wood, it is amazing how wearing it helps him get a good nights sleep.

We had a fab afternoon with the Kiddicare team at their Afternoon Tea and had a lovely day out at The Baby Show in Birmingham.

LM baby show 2014

I said bye bye to my lovely reliable 3 door Corsa last weekend and said a very cheerful Hello to a brand new shiny 5 door version. We’ve made the upgrade to help with transporting Little Mr to and from his Grandparents. It made sense and the Vauxhall event offering me free insurance and a fuel card might have swung it! It’s a beautiful car and I really love driving it. The Silver Cross Reflex doesn’t fit in the boot though so it’s probably going to have to be a passenger in the backseat at some point.

Next month there’s lots coming up, hubby is off on a friends stag do, we have more swimming lessons with Konfidence and Swimtime and of course, there’s BritMumsLive, ‘the’ blogging conference of the year. I’ve been very lucky to have been sponsored by Koo-di for the event and it’s all rather exciting. I can’t wait to meet up with blogging friends old and new, including the very lovely Lucy (MrsBishopsBakesandBanter) who I have known for a long while now and never actually met! It’s going to be a fantastic couple of days (if not nerve wracking leaving hubby home alone with Little Mr for the first time since last May) but it’s all good for us all and I can’t wait.

There’s change ahead for both me and hubby as we’ve both come to realise we desperately need to look after ourselves more. I’m seriously considering a change in diet (possibly SW or MFP) and will be hitting the streets with Mikey once Little Mr has gone to bed and hubby will likewise be upping his activity levels and reducing the biscuit intake.

Hope you’ll stick with us and see how we get on!

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  • Reply Lucy Bishop 28/05/2014 at 1:47 pm

    Fab to catch up on your news lovely & likewise very excited to be meeting up really soon! Woop woop!! All sounds busy with you & hope you’re enjoying your time off. :-) bloody weather is rotten here…I have had my sister to stay until tomorrow night which has been lovely. With regards to a change in diet I can whole heartedly recommend MFP having now reached my 4.5 stone loss I can promise you it truly works without any odd regimes, just teaches you moderation as well as seeing food for what it’s worth in terms of exercise. We can have a good chat about it at BritMums xxxx mmwah

  • Reply Donna 28/05/2014 at 10:12 pm

    What a month you’ve had – hugs to your Dad and Grandad. Loads of good stuff on the horizons though and looking forward to reading about your activity progress x

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