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When I started my blog back in 2008, it was a way for me to record my hopes and dreams, a way to keep my focus on dieting and as a record of my achievement. It’s come a long way this little ol’ blog. From weightloss to pregnancy to mummyhood, it’s rather unbelievable how much has changed over the last six years and still to this day, I use the blog to record, not only my achievements, but my family’s too.

Blogging has changed over the last six years. It’s become a place where those online journals are becoming less personal as not to upset brands. It’s become rather competitive with bloggers going head to head over this that and the other. First up we had the awards; the Mad Blog awards nominations came in and we were very honored to be included in those, next we had the BIBS and a lot of my favourite blogs were nominated. Each month there are various monthly network ranks published including the Tots100 and Ebuzzing and then there are many brand campaigns that bloggers take part in to win certain prizes and kudos with brands. In no way am I slating the rankings or campaigns (I’ve always been amazed by my ranking and enormously grateful for every page hit and visitor I get on my blog) I’ve taken part in quite a few myself but sometimes it’s best to step back and get a bit of perspective.

I recently had a couple of emails from a couple of followers of my blog to let me know how much they liked my blog and to ask me various questions on ‘how I made it’. Wow! Never in my blogging life have I considered myself to have ‘made it’ but looking back at all the amazing opportunities we have had and all the lovely friends we have made through my blog, I’m incredibly grateful. We have been to some incredible places, Little Mr has been sent some quite a lot of amazing products to review and I have been given the chance to meet some really awesome people. So if I look at it like that, yes I’ve made it! I’m incredibly lucky and will always be very grateful for the opportunities that come about through my blog.

And do you know what the absolute best thing is? I’m a Mummy. A Mummy to the most amazing little boy who is so loved and makes me smile every single day. I’m so lucky to be able to share his milestones and our adventures on my blog. And I’m a wife to a very patient man who gives me time to enjoy writing my blog, go off on adventures (usually on the train to London or a plane to Majorca!) and meet new people at blog conferences.

Life is good, I’m very proud of my blog and I have all I need.

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  • Reply Donna 24/05/2014 at 3:39 pm

    Great post! I think at times we all lose that perspective and the reason we started writing in the first place. I try and keep my blog grounded, keep writing, at least a couple of times a week, about my family and I but it is easy to be swept up in a stream of reviews, competitions, rankings and awards. I love how you turned this post around – Life is good :) x

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