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Summer is on the way and this is the perfect time of year to get out and about with your family, even if your husband may complain about missing the World Cup and your children are likely to whine about not being able to do their own thing. Despite these setbacks, both of which I expect to hear this summer while encouraging my family to get more exercise and spend more time together, I will prevail and they’ll be marched out of the house so that the important time spent together as a family is enjoyable for all.

The following is a list of a selection of my favourite family days out, some of which I’ll be choosing to do during the warm summer months, and all can be done on a reasonable budget.

Long Walks in the Countryside

The countryside in summer time with its massive amounts of heat, light and lush fields filled with grazing animals is an amazing sight to behold. Taking long walks through the idyllic countryside in this picturesque setting is great for both body and mind as you soak in the beauty of the sights and the wonders of the earth. Couple this with bringing some food and drinks for enjoying a picnic out in the sun and you will have the perfect day for zero expenditure.

The Beach

Another place that’s perfect for young and old in the summertime is your local beach as the combination of sun, sea and sand, coupled with copious amounts of ice-cream and cold drinks, allow you to enjoy the sun all day long, while cooling off with the sea when it gets too hot. The beach is free and if you allow your children to bring a friend, or two if you have the car space, they’ll end up disappearing for much of the day. Choose to stay overnight and there is ample opportunity for a childless night once they’re tucked up in bed and supervised to allow yourself a romantic meal, a few relaxing drinks and a long walk on the beach in the dark, as well as, if you’re feeling lucky, a short spell in a beach side casino to play some games, like roulette, Texas Hold’em and an amazing number of different other games that could see you win back the expenditure from the two days of soaking in the sun at the beach. Sometimes when there is WIFI on the beach I’m able to get in a sneaky game of bingo on Butlers Bingo game site. This is normally when the kids are playing in the sand or frolicking in the water.


Whether you’re an art connoisseur, into history or even a fan of aeroplanes and the military there is a museum for you! Not only are there great sights to see no matter what your favourite subject is, when bringing children there is so much for them to learn and add to their education. Personally, my children prefer to see dinosaur fossils as well as planes and other types of transport from earlier years but you’ll have no problem finding a fun and educational location for your family’s day out in your town or city without any problems. Admission is usually reasonable too.

The Zoo

Always a great family favourite, zoo visits are one of our top days out with there never being a complaint from the children about having to leave the house. All of our family are massive animal lovers and, as such, we have a yearly pass for the four of us to go to our local zoo that makes several visits a year very affordable. We mingle with the other families as we watch the lions, tigers, elephants and almost numberless amount of animals being fed and skulking up and down their enclosures. Always a crowd pleaser and every family should visit the zoo at least once a year, in my opinion.

There are so many different things to do and places to see during the summer months, whether local or far, so get out in the sun and soak in the atmosphere with your family before the winter rain returns all too soon once again.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in association with Butlers Bingo

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