Review: Toddler snacking with Little Angels at Asda


When we go out for the day with Little Mr I’m always conscious that he will need a couple of snacks throughout the day to complement his meals and his milk. Although he eats brilliantly, getting him to eat healthy snacks is a right chore. Asda recently sent a selection of snacks from their new Little Angels toddler snacks range for Little Mr to try out. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how he would take to them but I was happy to give them a go.

We were sent a box of Organic Apricot Oaty Bars with sultanas, a box of Organic Apple Oaty Bars with sultanas, a bag of Organic Sultanas and a bag of Organic raisins.

Asda little angels

I  knew Little Mr would like the sultanas and raisins, although if you try and give him more than five at any one time, he’ll protest and throw them on the floor or at the dog. I won’t go as far to say he loves them but he will eat them in small portions. The organic raisins and sultanas are available in small packets of 20g and are ideal for babies 12 months plus.

The oaty bars proved quite a challenge for Little Mr. He didn’t like the initial texture of the Oaty bars and regardless of taste it was difficult to get him to eat the bars. I have tried him again with the apple oaty bars and he’s eaten a third of it before refusing to eat any more. That is progress and I’m taking it as a positive sign for him as his taste buds develop he might like them more in the future.

There are lots of new Little Angels snacks to try for the kids including other flavour oaty bars such as Banana, Strawberry and Apricot. There are also organic cheese flavoured puffs and organic carrot flavoured puffs which Little Mr really does enjoy.

The Little Angels snacks are easy on the budget too with the Oaty Bars priced at £1.99 for a box of five bars, packets of sultanas and raisins at just 40p and packets of flavoured puffs priced at just 67p.

I’m not sure I would buy Little Mr any more of the oaty bars or raisins, we still have a couple of bars left in each box I will let him try them again in a few months. Little Mr loves the flavoured puffs so will definitely be buying those again for him to enjoy with a cheese sandwich over lunch.

Disclaimer: We were sent the photographed products for the purpose of this review. All images and words are my own.

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  • Reply Donna 12/04/2014 at 10:38 pm

    Raisins are a fail safe snack for us, always have them in the change bag and those packets are such a handy size! x

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