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We’ve been using the Milk and More delivery service for around 8 weeks now (you can read my first thoughts here) initially I thought it would be a great way to make sure we had fresh milk and bread in for Little Mr so that we didn’t have to make a mercy dash to the supermarket on an often busy weekday evening. Although the service is a brilliant concept unfortunately it doesn’t suit us as a busy working family.

If I was a stay at home Mum with no commitments, it would be ideal so as a service, I really like it. I like the fact I can order fresh milk to be delivered to my door the next morning. I like that I can leave it as late as 9pm for a delivery the next day and I like that I can order products online using a very easy website. It’s free delivery and there’s no need to book a delivery slot.

why milk and more

The Milk and More Service

Being a working family, we often leave the house before 7:30am so if we ordered anything we would need to accept it before this time or it would stand on the doorstep all day until we got home from work. With this in mind, I ordered a selection of products to be delivered to our home on a Friday as I knew I would be in to accept delivery and bring it in. Out of all the times we ordered a delivery (8 times over 8 weeks) only once did the order arrive before 8am. Most of the time, the order arrived after 10:30am which for us wasn’t great. It would be useful to specify what time you would like an order to be delivered (like any other supermarket online delivery) so that you could be in to accept a delivery.

Over the last few months I have ordered a selection of items to be delivered including milk, fresh bread, croissants for the hubby,  crackers and some of the items on their promotional deals. I cannot fault the milk. The milk and bread have always been fresh and have been readily available. Some of the promotional items haven’t been in stock when my order was delivered so although you can order the items online, the products may not be in stock at the local depot where the order has come from. I tried twice to order a box of crackers and both times these were unavailable. I even placed an order before the 9pm cut off in time for a delivery the next day and the delivery didn’t appear. After ringing customer services, they couldn’t tell me why my order hadn’t been delivered so recredited my account. It was rather inconvenient having to go out to fetch milk that I had relied on arriving for Little Mr’s afternoon bottle.

Price comparisons

Although I was given a £50 credit to use during our trial with Milk and More I was very conscious of the price of their products and would often compare them to the price of the same products in our local supermarket.

Sainsburys British Whole Milk (4 pints) is £1
Milk and More Country Life Whole Milk (4 pints) is £2.25.
A huge difference of £1.25 

Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium Sliced bread (from Sainsburys) is £1
Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal Medium Sliced bread (from Milk and More) is £1.55
A considerable difference of 55 pence

As a working family we are very conscious of the prices of products that we use and consume. We couldn’t justify spending money with Milk and More. Delivery may be free but if you take into account the extra price you’re paying for the product, it probably doesn’t work out any cheaper than driving to your local supermarket and getting the products in store.

Our experience of Milk and More hasn’t been ideal. The service is ideal for people who cannot get out of the home, folk who can stay in and accept deliveries at any point during the morning or have a safe place to leave deliveries if they’re out but for us it hasn’t worked out and unfortunately, it’s a service we won’t be using after our trial comes to an end.

Disclaimer: We were credited £50 to spend with Milk and More to review the service over the last couple of months. All words are my own and this forms an honest and unbiased review. 

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  • Reply Donna 24/04/2014 at 11:05 pm

    Wow, I’m surprised at the price difference. It’s definitely another service where you pay for the convenience but not something that we could afford to do. Thanks for a great balanced review x

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