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    Review: Bigjigs Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks


    Bigjigs wooden safari animal building blocks

    Last week we were made up to have been selected as one of 21 lucky finalists all hoping to be selected as Play Patrol Agents for Bigjigs Toys. We can’t celebrate just yet, with one final hurdle ahead of us, we were sent a top-secret mission to complete and with the help of the Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks we set about putting fun to the test.

    First Impressions

    On first glance, the Bigjigs wooden safari animal building blocks look bright, colourful and very visually appealing for little ones. The main attraction to the blocks are the fun safari animal faces and prints which allow you to build up the safari animals in a number of ways. There are 32 wooden blocks to play with including some plain multi-coloured blocks for adding dimension and expanding the fun possibilities.

    Bigjigs wooden safari animal building blocks

    Little Mr and I have put fun to the test with the blocks by initially building up towers and obviously, him knocking them down again. He thinks it’s a great game and will happily spend a good ten minutes watching me build up the towers (with a little bit of Little Mr’s help passing me the blocks) and then knocking them down and clapping his achievement once they’re on the ground.


    We’ve also spent time exploring their shapes and seeing which blocks fit well together. We liked to build the six safari animals (bear, giraffe, panda, tiger, lion and hippo) looking at their patterns and I made their distinctive sounds as we’ve been slowly introducing animal sounds to him recently. His favourite is lion and will make a roar sound when asked.

    We also explored which blocks didn’t fit well together and Little Mr thought it was rather hilarious when my building blocks tumbled down as they weren’t balanced correctly. I have encouraged Little Mr to build up the blocks and he will attempt a couple before knocking them down again.

    In time we will explore the different colours, the shapes and sizes of the wooden blocks and I’m sure they will help him learn all about the differences between them.


    The wooden safari animal building blocks are suitable for children aged 1+ which makes them the perfect toy for Little Mr to play with. The wooden blocks are just the right size for his small hands and he’s easily able to pick them up and place them down so not only are the blocks fun to play with, they are also aiding both his physical and mental development. When we first got the blocks he spent time looking at the animal faces on the blocks but a few days on, he’s looking at the faces and attempting to put the blocks on top of each other and for a 14 month old, I’m rather impressed.

    Bigjigs wooden safari animal building blocks

    I’ll leave the last part of the review to Little Mr, (please listen carefully)…

    The Bigjigs wooden safari animal building blocks come with a cotton drawstring storage bag (as shown by Little Mr in the video above) to keep the set of blocks together. The blocks are priced at £11.99 which is a brilliant price for a well made toy that will last many years and will be enjoyed over and over again.

    Disclaimer: We were sent this product as part of our secret mission to join the Bigjigs Play Patrol. All words, video and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review.  

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