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When it comes to bottle feeding, the choice of bottles is rather overwhelming. There’s a huge variety to choose from to suit your baby’s needs and as a new parent you’re often left wondering if the bottle you have chosen for your baby is the right one. If I’m honest, they’re all pretty much the same except the Yoomi bottle. The Yoomi bottle is different. The Yoomi warms the milk itself!

Little Mr was recently sent the Yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system to try out and on first glance, I was a bit worried what to do with it all. One thing you need to do when you first get a Yoomi, is to read the instructions, and then read them again!

The set we were sent included the premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and one charging pod. The bottle also comes with a slow flow teat but as Little Mr was used to his fast flow teats, we were sent a couple of fast flow feats to use in the yoomi bottle.


The bottle we were sent was the large 8oz bottle which is a brilliant size. Perfect for milk guzzlers like Little Mr who still has three 6oz bottles per day. The teat is very soft and quite large but reflects the breast for a natural easy latch-on. The teat also has six anti-colic vents to help little ones when feeding.

When using the Yoomi for the first time, you must read the instructions. You cannot use the warmer in the bottle without charging it first. It won’t heat the milk. You can charge the warmer in the microwave for two minutes using the heat shake, heat shake method or alternatively you can boil it in a saucepan of water for 25 minutes. Once the milk is inside the bottle, pop in the warmer, press the orange button and in 60 seconds, the bottle will be ready to use.

We tried the Yoomi bottle over a couple of weeks and I found it relatively easy to use (once I had got my head round charging the warmer.) I like how the warmer pod is rechargeable (for up to 150 times) and the milk is kept at the same temperature all the way through the feed as the warmer heats the milk as baby drinks. I love how portable the warmer is, no need to ask for a jug of hot water when you’re out and about. I also love some of the safety features of the Yoomi; the use of the blue food dye in the warmer to indicate a leak and non-toxic concentrated salt solution should there ever be a rare incident where baby drinks some of the warmer contents.

Unfortunately Little Mr didn’t take very well to the teat and I’m putting that down to a couple of factors; he’s only used one main brand of teats since birth and he’s used to them so to change now is a bit confusing for him and secondly, he’s slowly making the transition to beakers so his bottle drinking days are probably limited now.

The Yoomi bottle would be ideal for mummies who are express breastfeeding and I would recommend anyone to use these as early as possible so that baby gets used to them for feeding.


The set we reviewed retails at £23.50 which is a good price considering the innovative aspects of the feeding system.


Yoomi have offered all Life According to MrsShilts readers, a lovely 15% off all purchases in their online store, enter the code BEINGAMUMMY to grab a bargain!

Disclaimer: We were sent the items in the review for the purpose of this post. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and unbiased review. 

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