Silver Cross Reflex pushchair // Review Part 1 (2014)

silver cross reflex

Last week we took delivery of a very exciting box. Inside the box was a very exciting brand new pushchair from Silver Cross. It was the Silver Cross Reflex.

silver cross reflex

A couple of months back, I introduced you to the latest, sleekest umbrella pushchair to hit the market. I had only seen it in photographs but had heard first hand of how lovely it was to use, how comfortable it was to sit in (so said the children!) and how the modern features really did meet the needs of today’s busy parents.

I might of squealed a little when I spoke to Silver Cross one murky Thursday and they wanted to send me the new Reflex to try out. Obviously I snapped their hands off and a few weeks later, we took delivery of the little beauty.

As I was opening the box I was surprised at how slim the box was. I think I had forgotten it was an umbrella style pushchair. I could see the colour of the accessory pack through the plastic and was quite excited by how bright it looked. It was beautifully vibrant.

Unpacking the Reflex was a 3 person job; me, my Mom and Olly who kept finding random bits of cardboard to play with. Putting the Reflex together was quite easy. You have to attach a pair of wheels (although I can’t remember if it was the front or back wheels as we were too excited to put it up) the hood/canopy and pop the lights in (Yes..The Reflex has lights!) Once assembled, the seat cover was threaded up with the straps being popped through and the strap pads put in place. It was ready to test to make sure we had done it all properly. Little Mr didn’t want to play so we had to abandon testing.

The Reflex’s maiden voyage was a couple of days later on a showery Sunday afternoon. I saw a break in the clouds and decided to get out whilst we could (putting the raincover in the basket just in case) We only went out for half an hour but it was a good way to familiarise ourselves with the Reflex and find out how it performed. We also got to find out how to put the rain cover on!

silver cross reflex

Please ignore my windswept/rained on hair and paler than pale complexion!

First impressions are good. The Reflex is very easy to put up and down. Much easier than any other umbrella style pushchair I have used in the past. It seems like a very smooth ride and I can push it with one hand without it veering off toward the road or into a hedge. The handles have room to move as they can be lengthened but I’ve not had chance to test those out yet but the basket underneath has been utilised and I was able to bring back a couple of bags worth of shopping. The recline on the seat is very useful and Little Mr loved holding onto the bumper bar.

silver cross reflex

We took the Silver Cross Reflex out with us to soft play today and it received quite a number of compliments. I spoke to one Mum about the option to use it from birth and there’s also the option to use it with a Group 0 car seat which I think is brilliant. A few even mentioned how lovely the colour was so as umbrella pushchairs go, this has style and practicality.

Follow us as we review the Silver Cross reflex over the next few months, I’ll be posting photographs over on my Facebook page and on Instagram of the Reflex in use and some of its many features. If you have any questions about the Reflex, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Silver Cross Reflex to test out and review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest ‘first impressions’ post. 

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  • Reply Donna 30/03/2014 at 5:44 pm

    He looks so comfy in there! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Reflex over the next few weeks x

    • Reply Emma Shilton 30/03/2014 at 9:21 pm

      Thanks Donna, we’ve yet to fall asleep in it but it seems rather comfy x

  • Reply Rachel - 3yearsandhome 30/03/2014 at 9:13 pm

    I almost didn’t read this review. I’m gutted about this pram. I bought a new Maclaren one two months ago and had I known then that this would be out, I would’ve waited. I’m still kicking myself.

    • Reply Emma Shilton 30/03/2014 at 9:20 pm

      Oh Rachel, I’m so glad you did. How you getting on with your Maclaren?

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