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Oxo tot sippy cup

Making the transition from bottle to cup hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys for Little Mr so we have tried and tested quite a lot of sippy cups over the last six months. We wanted to try and get Little Mr to sip water from a beaker or cup from around 6 months but he was far more interested in throwing the cup around and watching the liquid inside slosh around.

OXO sent us their OXO tot sippy cup to try out with Little Mr and if truth be told it has taken him a while to get used to it but that is no reflection on the cup. He’s been pretty reluctant to use any beakers or cups.

We tried again recently with the OXO tot sippy cup and all of a sudden he’s mastered it. The OXO tot sippy cup holds 7oz of liquid and although we’re not using it for milk at the moment, it’s great to work out how much water or squash he’s had throughout the day. The sippy cup has removable handles so once Little Mr is beyond the holding the handles stage we’ll be able to take those off and he can use it without. I love that the handles are angled and are fixed from the bottom up. Little Mr can easily hold onto the cup and drink from it with ease.

oxo tot sippy cup

Yes, that grain of rice is annoying! 

I really like how the sippy cup has a dimple in the removable lid which allows for Little Mr’s nose to rest easily whilst he’s drinking. Some other cups don’t have this feature and he often squishes his nose into the lid which isn’t ideal when he’s poorly and has a blocked nose.

oxo tot sippy cup

The OXO tot sippy cup is fairly spill proof. Of course, I’ve held the cup upside down to see if it leaked and it didn’t but after a couple of shakes and being held upside down for a minute, a little drop of liquid came out. I’d be happy to put this filled cup in my changing bag without worrying it would leak over everything.

One of the criticisms we’ve found with the sippy cup is that the teat is made from a harder plastic than Little Mr is used too. When he was teething and had trouble with his teeth he would push the teat away but take a softer teated cup.


The OXO tot sippy cup is priced at £7.66 and you can find out more information on the OXO Tot website here.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review and all words and images are my own. This forms an honest and unbiased review. 

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  • Reply Donna 16/03/2014 at 6:30 pm

    We’ve tried to get Little Man to use cups without handles and have failed miserably so this cup may be something to try instead – It looks more advanced than the basic Tommee Tippee and Nuby cups we’re using at the moment but still familiar to him because of the handles. Going to put one on my shopping list! x

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