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Back in December, I was invited down to London to attend an afternoon with the lovely folk at Braun for afternoon tea and some pampering. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it due to my work commitments so I watched with jealousy as I saw all my favourite bloggers sipping champers and enjoying some beauty treatments via social media. A few days later I was surprised by a knock at the door and a huge parcel was delivered from Braun. They had sent me my very own Braun SkinSpa Silk Epil 7 and fluffy robe to recreate the pampering experience. Hubby was also treated to a Braun CoolTec shaver and fluffy robe. What a lucky pair we were!


Although I had never epilated any part of my body before in my life, I was actually looking forward to having a play with it and seeing if it hurt as much as others said it did. I have friends who own epilators and have said that the pain is bearable and you “just get used to it” and totally worth it for the results. All I can compare it to is having my eyebrows threaded, it hurts a little bit but you do get used to it and go back again.

I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Silk Epil 7 for the first time. The epilator isn’t to heavy to hold and it fits easily into the palm of my hand making it easy to use. I really like the pivoting head which helps to reach those awkward places and I was impressed that it even removes hair as short as a grain of sand. It can be used both in the shower in the wet and The Braun SkinSpa comes with several interchangeable heads (shaver head, trimmer cap and sensitive area head) including an exfoliating brush head to help you achieve super smooth legs for the Summer. Once you’re finished you can pack the SkinSpa all away in the beauty pouch ready to use it again.

Silk Epil 1.1

The hair regrowth on my legs was minimal and has lasted quite a long time. Luckily I have fair hair so as it grows you can’t see it much but after my half an hour with the epilator, I didn’t need to redo my legs for a good month.

Luckily for you, I haven’t taken a photograph of my legs as they’re not Summer ready yet (think pale and milk bottle like) but I can highly recommend the Braun SkinSpa if you’re looking for smooth skin and long lasting results.

The Braun SkinSpa is available from Boots and other leading retailers.

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