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When you first find out that you’re expecting a baby, you never anticipate that your baby will arrive early. You calculate your due date and you begin planning and you can’t help yourself but look at the masses of adorable baby clothes in the shops. It is estimated that there are 60,000 babies in the UK every year that arrive before their due date and are born prematurely and often are left in incubators with just tiny nappies on because clothes are just too big.

Earlier this week, George at Asda working in partnership with the baby charity Tommy’s, launched its first clothing range for premature babies. George and Tommy’s commissioned a new survey and found that 80% of parents who unexpectedly gave birth prematurely found it a struggle to find clothing that fit their newborns.


The George at Asda premature baby clothing range will be stocked at 70 Asda stores nationwide, specifically available in stores located near specialist neonatal hospitals to make it easier for parents to find affordable specialist clothing for their little ones.

George and Tommy’s wanted to design a range that was not only practical to suit premature babies who were in neonatal care but was affordable. The range of clothing features flat, open-out fitting pieces with extra poppers and irritation free seams to make sure that they are suitable. Parents can expect to pay for clothes from just £5 for three bodysuits which is vastly different from the inflated prices found elsewhere on the high street.

Luckily for me, Little Mr was overdue but the same can’t be said for Stephanie Schaap’s daughter, Hope who was born prematurely at just 26+1 weeks back in November 2012. Stephanie and I, are part of the February 2013 baby group which I often speak fondly of, as Hope and Little Mr were due in the same month of February 2013. I’ve asked Stephanie for her thoughts on the new range from George and Tommy’s from her experience of having a premature baby.

Hope was born prematurely in November 2012, 13 weeks and 6 days earlier than expected. She weighed just 2lb 1oz.


It was very difficult to find clothing for her, not just the right size but clothes that were suitable for the care she was receiving in neonatal with her tubes and wires. When we did find something, it was in a speciality store in a location that wasn’t local to us and with opening hours that weren’t accessible.

Most of Hope’s first clothes were from the hospital which was so heartbreaking as we couldn’t take them home with us for her memory box. It sounds minor but being able to celebrate these little milestones and keep mementoes from them are often the only things that get you through.

I think George has a reputation for providing good quality clothing at a good price and i hope this will transfer to their Premmie clothing line. The different designs give the option to mix and match and the fact that most large Asda stores are 24 hours is a huge bonus to practicality. When you are in and out of hospital and working around childcare, partners work, cares times (where you change babies nappies and wash them), you need a shop that will work around you not the other way round and Asda offer that. I would like to see more variety from the clothing and more gender neutral colours (i.e yellow or green) hopefully this might be added as the range gains popularity.

Unsurprisingly i would love it if premature baby clothing became more mainstream. There are often huge financial pressures put on parents who have babies in hospital. Possibly for months at a time. And the more major retailers who promote this kind of clothing the more affordable it will become.”

Hope came out of hospital after 79 days and is now a thriving 16 month old who is surprising her parents, family and friends with how well she’s doing and what’s she’s achieving.


The premature baby clothing range from George at Asda is available now online and in selected stores.

A huge thanks to Stephanie for her insight and big hugs to Hope who we all are very proud of. Photographs published with permission from Stephanie.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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  • Reply Maggie Schaap-smith 13/03/2014 at 6:44 pm

    Lovely piece including my sister in law and my beautiful niece. You spelt SCHAAP wrong x

  • Reply Danielle Vedmore 13/03/2014 at 9:25 pm

    They are soooo cute. I think its definitely time that shops do start selling them – I was a preemy 3lb born and my mum was in the same boat and couldnt keep any of the clothes. Most of mine were knitted and not the most fashionable! I am glad that they have improved! xoxo

  • Reply Donna 14/03/2014 at 10:49 am

    I love George at Asda, I find that the clothes have a lot of varied styles, great prices and wash pretty well. It’s great that they’re now offering prem baby ranges! x

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