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Back in October when Little Mr and I went to the Baby Show in London, we met with the lovely team from Wauwaa who were promoting their brand new parenting platform.

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Wauwaa is a website aimed at parents with small children. It aims to provide parents with information, guidance and comprehensive advice on a huge range of topics as well as providing discounted deals on baby and toddler products.

The website is easy to use with themes easily accessible using the navigation panel at the top of the page. These themes include Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting. There is also a Wauwaa shop that I was able to try out. When a theme of interest is hovered over, a drop down menu gives you further options to explore. One of the features I really like is that you can read shared experiences of other parents on a vast range of topics. I was looking for information about nutrition for my Son and was able to access a range of vlogs (a blog in the form of a video) by parents who were asking similar questions. I found these really useful and informative without being pushy or biased.

The shop feature of Wauwaa offers parents time limited online deals on a range of baby and toddler products. Current bargains can be had from brands such as Bubbaroo, Cuddledry and Crocs. At the time of review, there were discounts on the brightly colourful clothing brand Toby Tiger and I snapped up some adorable long sleeve t-shirts with cute appliqued animals on for Little Mr at a brilliant price. I also was able to get some long sleeve plain t-shirts for him which have been perfect over the last month or so.

wauwaa toby tiger

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t buy these tops for Little Mr as he is growing at an alarming rate, only lasting in his clothes for around 6-8 weeks and my budget doesn’t allow me to spend a huge amount on his clothing. With the discounts that Wauwaa have negotiated with top children clothing brands, it makes products that are usually out of our budget accessible. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Wauwaa deals for Little Mr’s Spring Summer wardrobe in the coming months.

I would definitely recommend other parents to have a look at Wauwaa. Not only will they be able to source advice and guidance but they might snap up a bargain or two as well.

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to spend on Wauwaa but I topped up my basket with other goodies that I paid for myself. This is an honest and unbiased review. 

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