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Toto Kidogo Parklon playmat

We were recently selected to try out one of Toto Kidogo’s brand new playmats and we were sent the Yellow Bear Play Park playmat. When the playmat arrived, we immediately got it out of the box and unravelled it. With our first glimpse, we absolutely loved the colours, so bright and fun to look at.

Toto Kidogo Parklon playmat

The playmat is large in size measuring 210cm x 140cm and covers my lounge floor really well. There is plenty of space for Little Mr to roll around and now he’s on the move it is perfect for him to practise his kneeling to standing up skills.

Toto Kidogo Parklon

The playmat is double sided with a mapped out playground on one side and the alphabet on the other.

Toto Kidogo Parklon playmat Side2.2

The playground picture on one side of the playmat encourages imagination as there are trails to follow, little characters to look at and fairground rides to imagine a day full of fun on. Little Mr has tried to pick up the little characters printed on the playmat to play with which is very cute to watch. When my nephew came to play he picked up a toy car and played with the car on the mat, driving it around to different areas of the park and using his imagination to create lots of different stories.

The reverse side of the playmat has the alphabet colourfully printed on to it with little characters and pictures that match the letter, for example, O for orange and H for house. This side of the playmat is great for teaching little ones about the alphabet and I have played with my nephew asking him to spell words out to me using the alphabet on the mat.

One of the best features of the playmat is how soft and bouncy it is. The playmat is approximately 15mm thick so is very cushioned which is perfect for little ones to roll around on and practice their sitting up. At first little Mr was a little unsteady sitting up and would launch himself backwards. Luckily, as the mat is so soft its safe for him to fall onto.

Toto Kidogo Parklon playmat

Over the last couple of months, Little Mr has steadily gone from not been able to sit up for very long to rapidly rolling about and very recently onto crawling and standing up. The playmat will definitely aid his development as he progresses from crawling to toddling and also helps me to feel a little bit more relaxed about him falling over as he practices his new found skills.

Toto Kidogo Parklon

The play mat is very easy to clean as it’s made out of a non-toxic PVC material. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and it’s good to continue playing on. I have cleaned the mat with a mild antibacterial wipe as our dog likes to sit on the mat as well as the odd spill of liquid. A quick wipe clean is all that is needed.

Toto Kidogo Parklon


You can buy the Toto Kidogo Parklon Yellow Bear Play Park Playmat for £125* available to buy from the Toto Kidogo website. In my opinion, the playmat is definitely worth the money. It’s a thick and durable playmat suitable for babies of a very young age and will last for a number of years. (Price is an introductory price to the market and is subject to change)

We have really enjoyed playing on the Toto Kidogo Parklon Yellow Bear Play Park playmat. It has helped to cushion Little Mr’s falls and has helped to build his strength up as he has learnt to crawl. It is lovely to look at and we have had many comments from friends saying how soft and safe it is for their children to play on. We look forward to many more play dates on the mat in the future.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review and all words and images are my own. This forms an honest and unbiased review.

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