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Back in early November, as part of The Essential One Ambassador scheme, Little Mr was sent a huge bundle of the softest, adorable clothes. He was a very lucky boy and received a selection of beautiful vest tops and sleepsuits.

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At the time, Little Mr was struggling to find clothes that fit him well as he was in between sizes (6-9 & 9-12 months) so he didn’t start wearing them for a few weeks but as soon as he could fit in them, he wore them to play in, eat in, sleep in and generally look super cute in them.


The vests have been an essential piece of every day clothing over the Winter months. Their cotton fabric is kind to sensitive skin and we have found the vests to fit really well. There is enough vest under the bottom to fit comfortably over a nappy and the poppers stayed closed whenever Little Mr has worn them.

the essential one vests

We love the collection of colours in this selection of vests. Little Mr looks adorable in grey, spots and stripes so they are pretty much my favourite vests ever. I often feel it’s a shame to wear something over them so they would be perfect for baby’s to wear in the Summer when it’s warm.

the essential one vests

This is Little Mr’s ‘Do I have to pose?’ face! 

The vests come in a brilliant medium sized matching drawstring bag which is great for storing particular sized clothes together. The bag is one of those little extra touches that really make you smile about the brand and I hope they continue to include them with their vest packs.


The sleepsuits that Little Mr was sent were a really nice collection. I do love a baby in a sleepsuit, even if they’re crawling and trying to walk. They’re so easy to put on and they look really comfortable to wear. Again, in true The Essential One style, they’re really soft and snuggly making them the perfect item of clothing for cuddling your precious one.

the essential one sleepsuits

One of my favourite features of the sleepsuits are the beautifully embroidered logos. They are really well made and after many washes, the embroidery hasn’t faulted.


I love the different coloured poppers on the sleepsuit and like having the fold over scratch mittens on the arms. We haven’t had to use them with Little Mr of late but for newborns and smaller babies who like to scratch their faces like Little Mr did, they’re ideal.


Little Mr has wore his sleepsuits on numerous occasions throughout the day (so not just to sleep in) and I’ve had lots of lovely comments from people who have saw him in them.


Again, the sleep suits come with the handy drawstring bag which has lots of brilliant uses. We cannot speak highly enough of the sleep suits that Little Mr has been wearing. They wash brilliantly and look great. We are definite fans of The Essential One brand and will always look to buy our essential baby clothes from them in the future.

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Disclaimer: We were sent these clothes for the purpose of this review as part of The Essential One ambassador scheme. This is an honest and unbiased review and all photographs are my own.

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