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January 2014

    On the move..


    Little Mr’s been crawling for a good 5 weeks now and he’s managed to pick up speed and now crawls like a Ninja to get where ever he wants. He did like to be held by the hands and walk around on his own taking steps but since he’s mastered crawling, he’s not interested in doing that anymore. He will crawl over to the furniture, hold on and hoist himself up looking proud as if to say “look at me Mummy I’m standing up”.

    LM cot

    He is so strong. The strength in his legs amazes me. We often find him playing the up, down, up, down game at bedtime. We’ll pop him down in the cot and two seconds later, he’s standing up on holding onto the cot with one hand and smiling. It’s a great game and it’s so good to see his development albeit at 8:30pm on an evening when he should be fast asleep.

    He’s also started to cruise around the furniture, holding on to steady his balance and moving from one end of the room to the other via the sofa. Of course, it’s not just the sofa, it’s anything that doesn’t move; the doors, the baby gates, the washing machine in the kitchen, everything. My Little Mr is now well and truly on the move and it really won’t be long until he’s walking, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he mastered it in time for his birthday in just under 10 days.

    LM standing up

    I’m holding off on buying his first shoes just yet. From the advice I’ve sought, we can buy him cruisers to assist him getting up and down and balancing but as he’s not walking anywhere independently yet there’s still plenty of time for his feet to grow so I’m happy to wait until he really needs them.

    It’s definitely time to baby proof the house. It’s amazing how many things he likes playing with that he’s not supposed to when he has a house full of his own toys. Television remotes, cables and keys are Little Mr’s favourites and they all still wind up towards his mouth. Seriously, you need to pay attention at all times when he’s on the loose.

    Oh well, nap time over, time to play!

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