Traditional English cuisine


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English cuisine is world famous for its quality and rather conservative diversity. Despite the fact that it is not very sophisticated, Britain still makes boasts of the variety of traditional dishes and products. The most famous are rightly considered the traditional English breakfast and Christmas dinner. Cooks and real foodies also note that native English dishes are especially good if they are cooked at home. After all, they are cooked following original recipes with all the nuances and details.

Such classic things as English breakfast, Cornish pie, sausages and Yorkshire pudding (for example, Aunt Bessie’s brand) are highly appreciated for their excellence and components in many other world cuisines. The main focus of this famous British brand is made on preparing “handmade” dishes. Moreover, those from Aunt Bessie’s have a delicious range of products which have combined almost all the culinary traditions of British cuisine. It is well-known today because it has already received the status of refined English classics. “Good, tasty meals are easy and quick to achieve” – this is one of the most famous slogans of the company. Providing products of only the highest quality, Aunt Bessie’s brand tries to make the process of cooking not only enjoyable, but easy initially.

What can one cook quickly and tasty? The one who loves to experiment connecting various recipes into new dishes? Over time, the day and night became shorter, and now the question of quick cooking is particularly relevant. Where to find time to cook? So we have to invent all sorts of new recipes. In this case, frozen food products from Aunt Bessie’s become a real salvation. For those who are constantly busy, who do not have time not only for sleeping or doing exercises but even for cooking? For those who have to resort to fast food – Aunt Bessie’s knows what to offer for all of them. Using Aunt Bessie’s products is convenient, inexpensive and time- saving. Scratching your head over what to cook for dinner? Try to prepare a soup using Aunt Bessie’s vegetable mix. Carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage – choose what you like more. Homestyle roast or mashed potatoes with garlic and herbs for the second course – how do you like it? And for the dessert – the famous Great British or Yorkshire pudding in different interpretations: giant, mini, boat shaped, crispy and light… Sounds good and appetizing? Then what are you waiting for? Products from Aunt Bessie’s – that’s all you need to cook a perfect classic English lunch, making it quickly and tasty!

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