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When I first starting weaning with Little Mr, one of the first thing I gave to him was the porridge from the Heinz Baby breakfast range. It was a complete hit once we got the consistency right so when I was sent some more of the Heinz Baby breakfast range for Little Mr to review I was looking forward to see what he thought.

We were sent a lovely basket of goodies from Heinz Baby including a box of Creamy Oat Porridge, 3 new ready-to-eat breakfast pots in 3 yummy flavours; Very Berry Porridge, Banana and Apple Muesli Creamy Oat Porridge and a packet of six cereals Breakfast Biscotti.

As Little Mr was used to his usual creamy oat porridge, I decided to try him with something new. First up was the banana and apple muesli available to buy in a new ready-to-eat breakfast pot. I removed the sealed lid, warmed it up in the microwave for 5 -10 seconds and gave it a good stir. I gave Little Mr a spoonful to try and it must have been good as he opened his mouth for another mouthful and soon finished the pot.

The new ready-to-eat breakfast pots are a great idea, these are ideal for on-the-go busy parents who want to ensure that their little ones are eating a decent meal first thing without worrying about what they are eating. Little Mr has eaten them all now and they can be eaten warm or cold but he does prefer them warmed up. Ideally I would have liked a spoon you could feed baby with as this would make them perfect for grabbing on the go or if you forgot to pack breakfast for a weaning baby who is spoon fed.

Our favourite product from the Heinz Baby basket was the Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti. I will admit, giving my baby biscuits for breakfast wasn’t my idea of a healthy breakfast but after reading the contents of the packet and seeing how much Little Mr enjoyed them, I am swayed. The biscotti are made from a blend of 6 cereal grains and ideal as an accompaniment to baby’s usual milk. I was worried about how many biscuits I should be giving Little Mr for breakfast as a decent portion size so have stopped at two biscotti. Little Mr will happily hold and munch away on the biscotti encouraging chewing and the development of his gag reflex (which is less frightening now)

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Little Mr has really enjoyed reviewing the Heinz Baby Breakfast range and I will continue to feed him our favourites from the range.

Disclaimer: We were sent a basket of goodies from the Heinz Breakfast Baby Range but all words and images are my own forming an honest and open review.

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  • Reply 12/08/2014 at 9:57 am

    The new very berry ready made porridge is not the same taste as the boxes of very berry porridge out baby loved the boxed porridge but will not eat the ready made one it’s a lot more sharper in taste I anything actually tastes like yogurt

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