Little Mr at 10 months old..



Ten months old. Can you believe it? I know I say this every month but I really can’t believe how quickly Little Mr is growing up. He’s changing every day and now I’m back at work I can really see a difference in him after just 8 hours away; he’s getting taller, he’s getting curlier hair, he’s learning new tricks and trying to speak more every day.

Eating and Drinking

He’s eating really well. He’s pretty much eating every thing himself now apart from the mushy stuff like his favourite cheesy pasta dish or his porridge. He will take it from my hand or his tray and feed himself. We have to watch him though because he does get greedy and likes to ram in a bit too much. He’s loving his fruit and vegetables and we’ve introduced more fish into his diet. He likes tuna and fishy dippers so I’m trying to give him a variety of things that I don’t like myself.

little mr drinking

Little Mr is now down to three 5oz bottles per day (morning, mid-afternoon and before bed) and I did think he would reduce down to two bottles as he was leaving so much of his afternoon bottle but all of a sudden he’s decided he wants more milk in the afternoon. He can now hold his own bottle to feed himself and he’s good at drinking water from his cup all by himself. Who needs Mummy?


We’ve had a few issues with Little Mr’s sleep pattern of late and I am convinced it’s down to me going back to work. Little Mr will usually sleep from 7:30pm until 8am when we’re at home on a weekend but during the week, due to me starting work at 8am, I have to wake him up. On the days when he is with his local Nanny and Grandad (hubby’s parents) I can wake him at 7:15am and drop him off in 15 minutes still in his pyjamas and they will feed, change and dress him for us.

When Little Mr is with my Mom for the day, we have had to change tactics. I was staying over the night before the day my Mom was due to have him so he wasn’t disturbed by an early morning get up call. However, every time we tried to put him down to bed at my parents house he was hysterical. He hated it. I made sure he had familiar things in the cot with him (Ewan the Dream Sheep, his own sleeping bag, his Monkey comforter and his own cot sheet from home) but no he screamed until he was hot, sweaty and sobbing. It was at least 11:45pm until he finally gave up and fell asleep, albeit in the bed with me and I found it incredibly stressful. So now, I get up at 5:45am and i’m on the road to my Parents house by 6:15am. I try not to wake Little Mr but he always wakes up.

little mr sleeping

He tends to nap well at both his Grandparents homes unless there is some sort of distraction. He needs his own space and a cot to sleep in. On Monday, Little Mr didn’t get a nap in the afternoon at Nanny’s and he was awful at bedtime. He fell asleep on the way home and then wouldn’t settle at night. He definitely needs two naps per day and then he’ll sleep through the night.


Little Mr had a bit of a growth spurt at the end of October and outgrew all his 6-9 month old clothes. I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have that many clothes for him to wear resulting in him wearing long sleeve t-shirts that rode up his midrift or trousers with ankle swinging legs. Luckily I took advantage of some of the clothing sales and stocked up. I’ve also hinted to the Grandparents that clothing would be good for Christmases or Birthdays. We recently dressed him up quite smart to go to our annual Christmas lunch and I think he looks bloomin’ gorgeous in this shirt and jeans combo.


His personality

Little Mr is a very placid, bubbly fella who loves a good game of peek-a-boo and playing with his toys. Whenever we’re at home we play in the lounge and usually have the Disney Junior channel on in the background. He just loves the music on the channel and gets so excited by Doc McStuffin and Minnies Bowtique. It’s adorable to watch. He’ll instantly stop what he’s doing and smile at the television.

He also knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. He will push you away if he doesn’t want a cuddle or push his bottle away if he doesn’t want anymore. He’s developing his speech and Dadda, Gandad and Mom are words that he has learnt. Although Mom is still a word he says when he’s tired, grumpy and upset rather than during the day when he’s all smiles.

Getting about

Little Mr is still not fully crawling. He balances on his knees and puts one knee forward then doesn’t know what to do next so he lunges himself forward. He can get everywhere he wants to though via the commando shuffle and the roly poly. He can put one foot in front of the other and walk with assistance. He seems to have developed that skill rather quickly but is still too wobbly to use his walker.

little mr crawling


There are now five adorable pearly white toothypegs in Little Mr’s mouth and although the nappies are awful, he doesn’t seem to get too grouchy. Of course, he does get grouchy and when he does, we all know about it but on the whole he’s coping very well.

Little Mr, you are adorable. I promise to make our days together fun and exciting, I’m not keen on leaving you but I know I need to share you around, no matter how hard it is. I’m very proud of you and I love you so very very much.


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