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The final interview in the Baby’s First Christmas ‘An interview with’ series is with one of the ladies I’ve met via our online February 2013 baby group. This time last year we were both seven months pregnant having our last childless Christmas and this year we’re both celebrating our Baby’s First Christmases.

Hello Zoe, can you introduce yourself and your family please? 

I’m Zoe and I’m going to be celebrating Christmas this year with my partner Stuart and our Poppy who is 10 months old.

Zoe and Poppy2

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas? 

We’ve been to see the old FC. Poppy cried, a lot – he was about 7 foot tall though! We’ve made cards with Poppy, where her hand prints were angels wings, and she has been to several (more than me!) Christmas parties

Will you be starting any new traditions? Or keeping up with old ones? 

Nanny has bought Poppy her traditional present ‘from the Christmas tree’ – a little gift which the tree has given to each member of the family.

On Christmas Eve she’ll be snuggling down in some new PJs and we’ll read a Christmas book – as she gets older we’ll filter in leaving gifts for Father Christmas, hot chocolate and a Christmas film. We’ve also got her a book, in which I’ve written her a little note, and we’ll get her one every year.

How will you all be spending Christmas Day? 

We will be eating lunch with Nanny and Grandad (on Daddy’s side) and opening LOTS of presents before all jumping in the car in our pj’s and heading down south to Bournemouth to continue Christmas with my family.

What will your little one be wearing on Christmas Day? 

A Mother Christmas outfit. One of those things that I scoffed at before children and rushed out to buy now I have a child of my own.

What gifts will you be buying for your little one? 

We have got her a few toys, a small stocking, a book, some clothes and some foodie treats. Everyone else is going to spoil her rotten!

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with your little one?

We made Daddy a star to hang on the tree at nursery and some Christmas cards.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? 

Just watching, she’ll be so overwhelmed by it all and so excited. I just can’t even imagine what a first Christmas would be like! Lots of food, lots of people, lots of presents… For no apparent reason! It must be fab!

How are you going to make it special? 

Just by making sure we see everyone we love – family and friends. Oh and glitter, shed loads of glitter everywhere.

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Will your little one be visiting him this year?  

Of course we do! We popped along to see him earlier in December.

Zoe hasn’t yet been lured into blogging but you can find her on twitter as @zoesianescott

A big thank you to Zoe and to all my friends for taking part in the Baby’s First Christmas series, it’s been an absolute pleasure reading all about the plans for your Baby’s First Christmases. I hope you have all enjoyed it too.

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