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Next up in the ‘Baby’s First Christmas – an interview with’ is blogger and busy Mum of 3, Kate. Kate’s youngest is Max and he’ll be celebrating his First Christmas this year with his older brother and sister. It’s sure to be an exciting time in the Fever household and you can find out more about them over at Family Fever.

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What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas? 

We will be visiting Father Christmas, we will be making some salt dough tree decorations, and designing calendars with the kids pictures to give as presents.

Will you be starting any new traditions? Or keeping up with old ones?

Sticking with tradition. Max will be fitting into our Christmas ways.

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

The morning will be the 5 of us at home, opening stockings and having a Christmas breakfast. Then it will be off to my parents house for Christmas dinner and more presents under the tree. We will probably stay there until the kids bedtime, then home and sleep!

What will your little one be wearing on Christmas Day?

I am hoping to buy one of the gorgeous festive outfits from The Essential One, possibly a red and white sleepsuit.

What gifts will you be buying for your little one?

So far we have bought Max a VTech walker and a Fisher Price animal train. We will be stocking up on stocking fillers such as ‘My first’ books and some highchair toys too.

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with your little one?

As mentioned before, we always make salt dough tree decorations – making the dough, cutting the shapes and baking, then decorating with paint and glitter. I love homemade decorations, make it all the more special.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Seeing Max’s face as he experiences lights, wrapping paper and roast turkey for the very first time.

How are you going to make it special?

Just being with the ones we love – that’s what Christmas is all about!

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Will your little one be visiting him this year?

Of course we do! We will visit him in his grotto near us, where he magically makes presents appear from his chimney. True Christmas magic!

You can find out all about Kate and Max’s First Christmas over on the Family Fever blog

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