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The penultimate interview to feature in the ‘Baby’s First Christmas – An Interview With’  series is from my good friend Emily, a twitter friend I met online almost two years ago. Originally we shared meal plan ideas and weight loss tips and with the arrival of both our gorgeous babies, we’ve quickly moved on to all things baby. This year Emily celebrates Baby’s First Christmas with her fiance Steve and Baby Florence at their home in Oxfordshire.

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What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas? 

Steve’s mum lives in Scotland so she is unable to spend Christmas day with us so we have asked her if she would like to stay for a week running up to Christmas so we can go somewhere that has a nice Christmas shop to buy decorations for the house. This will be our first year in the house and our first year with Flo so we would like to start collecting our own bits and I know Phil will love pushing her granddaughter round and Flo will love all the sparkly bits. I think she might be a bit small for a Father Christmas visit this year.

Will you be starting any new traditions? Or keeping up with old ones? 

I wanted Flo to have a nice Advent Calendar as the ones you buy these days are just a chocolate they don’t even have a nice picture behind them anymore so my parents are having one made for her Christmas prezzie (which she will be having early as this year she is too young to know any different) the one they are getting her has pockets so I can put in my own gifts or maybe notes with treats on. I love the fact she is going to have something that she can have out every year and as she grows up we can tell her she had it from Nanny and Grampy on her First Christmas. They are having it personalised so she will have her name and 2013 on it.

When I was younger I remember each year I was allowed to chose something new for the tree, I think this was just my Mums way of not having to buy new decorations every year that I had my one thing to chose but I loved it and if would like Flo to have the same. This year we have ordered her a Christmas star for the tree with the year on and then from next year she will be old enough to chose her own bauble and hopefully she will enjoy the little tradition we are starting for her.

Emily's star.1

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

We have asked my parents and my Gramps to come to us this year as we have enough room in the new house and I really want to be at home on Christmas day for Flo’s first one. I wanna do it just like my Mum has done for years, too much dinner and a huge tub of chocs, games after dinner and just relaxing. The day will be spent taking photographs I think! Both my Dad and Steve will have far too many of Florence in her little Christmas outfits.

What will your little one be wearing on Christmas Day?

Flo has a little red t-shirt with ‘My first Christmas ever’ on the front for Christmas Eve, she has a fluffy reindeer sleep suit for going to bed in and for first thing Christmas morning and she has a red Christmas all in one suit with a matching hat and bib for Christmas Day.

What gifts will you be buying for your little one?

We have decided not to buy too much as she is too young to mind not having things. We have spent quite a bit of money buying her high chair and Jumperoo that we decided to just get her a few little gifts. I think these will mainly be the couple of books that I would like for her and maybe some bowls and a drinking cup now she weaning and just a couple bits we would have bought anyway. I don’t see the point spending out at this age when she won’t really understand and when the money could be spent on the things she really does need. We think Christmas is more about the day and the traditions than the gifts.

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with your little one?

Flo is too small to make crafty things with me this year but she will be involved (watching and giggling most likely) with all of the decorating of the tree and wrapping up prezzies. I am looking forward to making cards and decorations with her in years to come.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Just being a family. Last year we made the most of our last ‘Couples Christmas’ with lazy mornings, chocs and movies etc but now we are ready for early mornings, Father Christmas, Squeals and laughing. We are so excited about our first of many many family Christmases.

How are you going to make it special? 

I don’t think we need to, it just will be. Our first Christmas in our new home and this year we are the hosts. Traditional Christmas dinner, family with us and lots and lots of precious time with Florence.

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Will your little one be visiting him this year? 

We believe every child should have those special memories of believing in Father Christmas. I have some amazing memories of Santa knocking on my grandparents door on Christmas Eve and leaving sacks of presents for me and my cousins. I no longer believe but I want Flo to have memories like that so Father Christmas will most certainly be visiting our house each year, if she is a good girl. I want her to have the whole experience of leaving out milk and a carrot, checking the sky before she goes to bed and that excited feeling I had as a child of waking up and rushing to see if he had been.

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