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Next up on Baby’s First Christmas ‘An interview with’ series is Debs, a busy mum of five from Belfast who writes at Super Busy Mum.

Hello Debs, please tell us a bit about yourself and your family? 

I’m Debs from Super Busy Mum. Mother to 5 tiny humans, keen baker, bad cook, avid crafter, super impulsive with a side order of pure barmy. And as for first Christmas celebrations, it’ll be Miss Belles first Chrimbo and we are so excited!

Debs and Belle

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas? 

As for the lead up to Christmas I plan to do lots of crafts & bakes which is what we’d usually get up to anyway. We’d usually pay a visit to Santa, but I asked Jacob the other day if he’d like to go see him and his reply was “No Mum, it’s OK I’m getting too big now. Plus if I’m not taking up his time he can keep working on my Christmas list!” queue laughter! Kids are brilliant aren’t they! My 8yr old still wants to go though, according to her she’s not too old yet! Yay!

Will you be starting any new traditions? Or keeping up with old ones?

As a new tradition I’m going to be taking part in the Elf on a shelf which is exciting & also making Ellie and Jacob both up a Christmas eve box for the big night. Another traditional I am keen to kick start! As for old ones we’ll keep we will still bake homemade cookies for Santa, leave carrots out for the reindeer. We’ll still hang the key up on the outside of the door for Santa to get in as we don’t have a working chimney and also leave food out for the reindeer as they wait for Santa to do his job.

As for old ones, I do lots of daft little things to keep the magic twinkling in the hearts of my children, and I am so pleased that we have Miss Belle here as we can now carry on these silly little things for many years to come. We always bake homemade cookies for Santa, the children leave out carrots and we’re going to leave something out for the elves this year too. Not fair they are always getting left out, they are the toy makers after all ;) I sprinkle fake snow around, wear big boots and make Santa boot footprints from the door to our Xmas tree where their presents are. Santa always leaves a thank you letter for his food and thanks the children for being ever so good this year and gives them a few tips on how to be good for the following year, as he’ll be keeping an eye on them with the help of his elves.

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

On Christmas morning, it’ll be the children getting up at lord knows what time. Presents being opened, hugs being given and“Oooh wows” being chanted as wrapping paper is ripped open to reveal the gift inside! After presents, we’ll have breakfast together and then the children would usually go and play with their new toys etc as we prepare the dinner. Its a very relaxed day consisting of laughter, many MANY boxes being folded and put into the recycling boxes out front and countless batteries being put into new fangled toys!

What will your little one be wearing on Christmas Day?

At the moment, I’m unsure. I’m thinking maybe just a cute little Christmas nappy and a festive jumper and when we go visit the family I’ll give her some festive nappy leggings. I’m not one for “dolling up”children, especially babies. My older ones will be dressed nice but comfy too!

What gifts will you be buying for your little one?

We have bought a few fabulous gifts for Miss Belle for her first Christmas. She has some pink/purple mega blocks, a princess castle mega block table, cookie jar shape sorter, bath toys, clothes and more. I think she’s going to be a little spoiled! But hey, it’s her first Christmas right? We’re allowed!

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with your little one?

Yes! I plan to make a hand print of hers {and the other sprouts}, laminate it and cut around it to hang on the tree. Also a few other foot and hand print related crafts! All will be revealed on my blog over the month of December so keep a wee eye out.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Everything. From putting our tree up together as a family. Me redecorating said tree after the children have gone to bed, because I am that much of a perfectionist, shamefully. The snuggling up together on the sofa to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. Baking together and stuffing our faces with our bakes and we are throwing a little Christmas party this year for the kids and their cousins so that’ll be great fun! And just being together, making memories as a family.

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Will your little one be visiting him this year? 

I do. Who doesn’t! I think it’s lovely tradition to believe it. You can so easily get caught up in all the twinkling lights and the magic, it’s glorious. Ellie wants to go see Santa, unsure if I’ll take Belle as I’m unsure how she’ll be haha. She’s at that funny wee stage of if she’s not familiar with you, she’ll let you know about it! Jacob may change his mind about seeing Santa when he see’s Ellie going!

You can read more from Debs over at Super Busy Mum and follow her tweets @SuperBusyMum

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