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an interview withContinuing my Baby’s First Christmas series is chat with the lovely Becky of The Mummy Adventure. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Becky and Archie a few times this year and it’s been lovely to see Archie grow and develop over the last few months. Here’s how Becky’s planning Archie’s First Christmas.

the mummy adventure

This year will be Archie’s first Christmas and I think he is going to love it.  He will be 10 months, so the perfect age to enjoy the sparkles, lights and colours.  His big brother Dylan will be 28 months, so I think our house will be buzzing with excitement!

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas? 

As I have a toddler as well, I have lots of plans to get the mood Christmassy.  We have a few crafty bits to do, and I am looking at making some wrapping paper using the boy’s footprints and handprints in some festive paints.  We will visit Father Christmas and there will more than likely be some cheesy fancy dress thrown in there too.

Will you be starting any new traditions? Or keeping up with old ones?

We will indeed, this year I am going to introduce the ‘cosy box’, a box of bits to open on Christmas Eve that involves new pjs for us all, crafts, snacks and a festive film. We haven’t got too many traditions yet so will see how things go.

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

On Christmas day we go to my parents for the day and we usually stay over (even though they live only 5 miles away) as it will be easiest for putting the boys to bed and allows everyone to drink.  To me, Christmas is all about family and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

What will your little one be wearing on Christmas Day?

Almost certainly some kind of novelty outfit.  I haven’t yet chosen between a reindeer onesie and a novelty Christmas jumper, but it will certainly be festive!

What gifts will you be buying for your little one?

As he is still so little, we certainly won’t be going overboard.  He has a lot of hand me downs from his big brother so I think we will choose a few special little gifts.  I am rather drawn to some wooden ride-ons at the moment so it may just be one of those and a new book.

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with your little one?

I will with my toddler but Archie is still a bit little.  I may try a few things that are just done with hand or foot prints but I think that will be his limit.  With Dylan we will be experimenting with glitter, cotton wool and bunting I think.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

The lead up! The day itself is wonderful but I can’t wait to get crafty, to go out to see the lights, to buy glitter and sparkly things in the shops and to find all my Christmas movies again.

How are you going to make it special?

I am taking an extra couple of months unpaid maternity leave so that I don’t have to work over Christmas, so we will be doing lots of family things.

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Will your little one be visiting him this year? 

Of course!

Becky blogs at The Mummy Adventure and follow her on Twitter as @mummyadventure

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