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December 2013

    A wonderful Baby’s First Christmas, 2013

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    After all that build up and excitement, I can’t really believe Christmas is over already. Our baby’s first ever Christmas has come and gone in a flash but it has been wonderful. We’ve had lots of family days together and have enjoyed watching Little Mr play with lots of new toys and enjoy himself. We were all thoroughly spoiled and had some very lovely presents. My Mom cooked a very yummy Christmas dinner that Little Mr devoured and he impressed us by eating more than his 5 year old cousin!

    It hasn’t all been magical though, Little Mr had a terrible cold and chesty cough so he was pretty miserable for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning and Father Christmas even bought him a new (bottom) tooth too, what a present! Calpol and Teetha granules are our new best friends. As is routine, Little Mr is a stickler for it, especially when it comes to his sleep. If he doesn’t get two naps in throughout the day he is a nightmare at bedtime; grouchy and miserable but do you think he’d give in and sleep? Ha, no way!

    Even with a grouchy teething baby, we have spent quality time together making memories with our little boy (who, for the record, wasn’t the slightest bit interested in opening presents, he just wanted to play with the tags!) I’ll leave you with some treasured snapshots from our Baby’s First Christmas.

    LM and Nan S.1

    Cuddles with Great Nanny Shilton on Christmas Eve 

    Christmas Eve box.1Little Mr opening his Christmas Eve treat box with Daddy 

    Opening pressies.1

    Opening pressies with Daddy on Christmas Day morning 

    in a box.1

    Playing in the box from Uncle Jon and Uncle Russ

    christmas dinner.1

    Enjoying his sprouts and Christmas Dinner 

    Cuddles with Grandad C.1

    Cuddles with Grandad Cooper 

    LM pressies.1

    I’ve taken quite a few photographs over the last month or so and will be putting them into a lovely photobook to commemorate the special time of year. I love looking back at photos of me at Christmas so hopefully Little Mr will love them too.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!