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your baby your way

It’s pretty much impossible to go through life as a parent without someone suggesting that what you are doing is wrong. Even if you’ve never heard anyone say that to you, you may read something in a parenting handbook or on the internet that may make you feel like you’ve made, or are making, a mistake. I’ve certainly felt the pressure in the past. The bottom line, however, is that you, and only you, knows what’s best for your baby.

One person’s ‘mistake’ may be another person’s swear-by rule; we all learn as we go along! Check out these parenting ‘mistakes’ and some great reasons why they don’t necessarily have to be seen that way.

  • Rocking to sleep may be a great way of settling them into a deep and wonderful slumber, but many people may suggest that you’re building a rod for your own back because they’ll soon get used to it and want it all the time. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with comforting your baby, no matter how you choose to do it.
  • Too many toys can often be judged as spoiling a child and providing far too much overstimulation. However, if you have the spare cash to provide plenty of toy options, why the heck not? Choosing to buy a funky Cookie Shape Surprise, with music and lights, even though they already have a basic shape sorter, doesn’t make you a bad parent.
  • Talking baby language is sometimes deemed as pointless, especially as some research suggests that a baby tries to decipher real human language as soon as they are born. Baby talk won’t hurt anyone though, and silly noises are hilarious for the baby, and you!
  • Bathing all the time when a new baby doesn’t need to be bathed anywhere near as much as you may think. Water can dry out their skin and using bath products can cause irritation too. However, as they grow a little bit, a bath of bubbles and fun toys is a must!
  • Weaning too early is often a controversial  subject because, despite the Department of Health guidelines of weaning at 6 months, many parents tend to give food of some description before that.  If this is your plan, many people suggest giving them the same amount of milk but to ‘top up’ with food, rather than weaning them off milk before they’re ready.

Remember that nobody knows your children like you do and every baby is different. Resorting to the textbook can be useful in some cases but you know what your child needs more than anyone.

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