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My Little Mr began teething well before he turned 5 months old. Dribble, red rosy cheeks and loose nappies all contributed to the signs that he was teething along with the usual chomping on his hand, putting things in his mouth to bite down onto and bouts of irritability and grumpiness. I can’t blame him, when I’ve had trouble with my wisdom teeth it’s a pain you cannot shake off so having more than one tooth coming through at the same time must be pretty unbearable.

Little Mr has 4 toothy pegs now and by the looks of his gums he’s got quite a few more about to pop through. Being prepared for teething has definitely helped us combat the painful arrival of those pearly whites.

Here’s my top tips for teething babies and how to get through it..

1)      Invest in a couple of teething toys so baby can busy themselves chomping onto them. Little Mr has a set of plastic keys that you can pop in the fridge and once they’re cool, they’re refreshing on his sore gums.

2)      Buy dribble bibs. Dribble will get everywhere whilst babies are teething so a good dribble bib will help protect their clothes and is also good for wiping mouths.

3)      Once your baby is weaning, varying the textures of their food will help them become more interested in food during troublesome bouts of teething. Little Mr sometimes goes off his favourite foods so I try and vary the textures I give him to offer him something different to nibble on.

4)      A cold wet flannel is really good for teething babies, not only for them to bite onto but for cooling red rosy cheeks down. When Little Mr is particularly grumpy a wet flannel is great for him to nibble on and stops him putting other unsuitable things in his mouth.

5)      For when teething is particularly painful, invest in a suitable medicine to take the edge off. Camilia is a liquid homeopathic medicine which relieves teething pain and other associated minor symptoms such as painful and swollen gums, mild fever and digestive disorders. Camilia is safe to use on babies as young as one month old and is available in single dose containers that you can easily pour into a baby’s mouth. Available from local and independent pharmacists at just £6.95. Always read the label before use.

Camillia UK pack 34G small

If all else fails, offering plenty of cuddles and interaction with baby will help take their mind off their teething troubles. I can particularly recommend ‘The Rainbow Song’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ for gummy smiles and temporary relief from teething.

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