How do you sleep?

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I’ve written before about my sleep issues, all of which I cannot blame on our gorgeous Little Mr who happily snoozes up for to 12 hours a night. I’ve developed some stupid form of insomnia and I lie awake listening to hubby snoring in snoozeland whilst watching Little Mr sleep peacefully in his Nursery getting irritated with myself that I can’t drop off. It appears I’m not alone. According to a recent study, only one in 10 people sleep through the night and the average amount of sleep people get per night is six to seven hours. When I can sleep I usually sleep for between five or six hours although I have been known to function on less (but I don’t like it and nor does my hubby who usually bears the brunt of my lack of sleep). Long gone are the days where I could sleep past 9am. I’d love a long decent nights sleep. Maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas! How do you sleep? Do you have any tips for a good nights sleep?

How Do You Sleep

Emma Shilton

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  1. 12/11/2013 / 12:37 pm

    I can often be found working way into the small hours of the morning so can relate to the lack of sleep. I’m not sure that I ever get more than 6 hours sleep so I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice, only sympathy

  2. 12/11/2013 / 1:25 pm

    Hahahaha…that’s very funny – and somewhat fascinating! My partner used to have the ‘snooze’ on from 6am and I told him I’d only move in with him if he stopped because I was awake then and it was stealing my sleep.
    I’m probably really bad – I always suffered with insomnia and now I don’t go to sleep until around 1.30am and sleep much better, but I only get 5 hours! :D

  3. 18/11/2013 / 1:58 pm

    Snoring comes top again! Snoring can really cause problems in relationships. It is interesting to see how many people prefer sleeping in their own bed. We are creatures of habit aren’t we!

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