Review: Petite Star 3-in-1 Car Walker

petite star 3in1 car walker

They say boys love their toys and I’m pretty much in agreement with this statement at the moment. We were recently sent the Petite Star 3-in-1 car walker to ‘test-drive’ and Little Mr has really liked it.

The walker is designed like a car with a seat, an interactive dashboard featuring a light up and musical steering wheel, swirly mirror and working horn with a blue stripey bonnet and hand rails.

petite star 3-in-1 car walker

There are three different activity functions ideal for babies who are keen to get up, about and moving; jumper, walker and push along.

Little Mr is still rolling around everywhere but can sit upright unaided in the walker and loves to put his feet flat on the floor (I’m sure he’s going to miss the crawling stage and just stand up to walk) so we have only used the car in jumper and walker mode to date.

The instructions give clear guidance of when to use the walker in different modes, for example the jumper mode is for when the child is sitting unaided from approximately 6 months of age and the car walker mode is ideal for when children are beginning to walk unaided, from approximately 9 months plus.

Little Mr loves to jump up and down and will happily bounce with intermittent stops to use the steering wheel pressing the buttons and setting off the interactive sounds on the kick pads underneath. The interactive sounds are fun although I’m not sure why the sound of a child giggling has been used perhaps to encourage Little Mr to giggle too but he’s far more interested in the sound of the vroom-ing about and his face lights up when he realises he’s activated the sound by kicking the pad. In jumper mode there are different adjustable height settings to allow the car to grow with your child.

petite star 3-in-1 car walker

I was concerned about using a jumper previously as I had heard bad things about them and how they are not ideal for baby’s development. However, the guidelines clearly state that the child should only use the walker for a limited time. We have found that after 15 minutes, Little Mr wants to get our anyway so we would never leave him in there for any longer than that. I do believe it’s my role as a responsible Parent to know what the guidelines are and I hate to think that excessive use might impair his walking development. With all this in mind, I’ve really enjoyed watching Little Mr play in his walker. His confidence has grown pressing the buttons, bouncing about and trying to move the walker so I don’t think it will be long before we’re trying to use the car in walker mode.

In walker mode, there are speed restrictive wheels to ensure that the little one doesn’t go too far with safety grips to help with their balance. These are also very useful when the car converts into a push along car (the seat is easily pushed underneath the bonnet leaving space for a child to stand in.) The kick pad underneath slides into different positions to ensure it doesn’t compromise the baby’s standing position which I think is a very clever feature. The walker does seem quite heavy though and I’m not sure how Little Mr will cope trying to move the car by himself. Time will tell, I guess.

petite star 3in1 car walker

Other features to note include the removable car bonnet which leaves a tray underneath perfect for snack time and a bottle of water, volume control and an off switch for the interactive sounds and lights.


Our car also came with a set of sticky letters and numbers to uniquely personalised a couple of number plates which is a brilliant touch.

petite star 3in1 car walker

Little Mr has really enjoyed test driving the 3 in 1 car walker. He’s learnt to press the buttons to make the lights and sounds come alive on the steering wheel, improving his eye and hand co-ordination skills and he loves to jump about building the strength in his legs for the next active stage.


£69.98 available from Nursery Value and is also available in Pink.

Considering this is a 3-in-1 interactive toy, I believe it is great value for money. The walker will last us a good few months considering Little Mr is not crawling / standing up / walking unaided yet so I look forward to seeing him vroom past me with a little smile on his face.

Disclaimer: We were sent the walker for the purpose of this review but all words and images are my own and form an honest and unbiased review. 

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  1. 07/11/2013 / 9:09 pm

    I love this idea! Although I think colour options should be increased as not everyone wants to do “blue for a boy and pink for a girl” gender colour stereotype. Perhaps allowing parents the option of gender-neutral colours would be a bonus. Yellow and green might help. I’ll suggest this to my cousin to add to her wishlist for when her little one (only 4 weeks old, bless!) is old enough.

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