Little Mr at 9 months old…


LM 9 months

Today my gorgeous little man is 9 months old (39 weeks). How ridiculous is that? In just 3 months time, we’ll be celebrating his FIRST birthday. That’s crazy!

I took him to see the Health Visitor last Tuesday to get him weighed and I’d heard that some babies get a development check too so as I was heading back to work, I wanted to make sure I could take him myself. Weighing in at just over 20lb I’ve got a good one. He’s climbing up the centiles in the chart which is brilliant and is between the 50th and 75th. The HV also measured his height which was average at 73cm so he’s doing well.

Whilst we were there I mentioned about the 9 month check and although I was a week early, they said I could fill in a questionnaire and they would tot up his scores. How bizzare! They check how well a baby is growing developmentally by a questionnaire and adding up the scores. I filled in the 4 page questionnaire and handed it back in. Little Mr is doing well in all areas except his gross motor skills, i.e crawling, kneeling, standing etc. He’s been attempting the crawling for weeks now with the knees up and the bum in the air but he just hasn’t mastered it. He’s also still a little wobbly sitting down so he needs plenty of practice sitting up strengthening his back and his legs.

LM 9 months 2

I’ve got to say that I’m not worried too much. I know babies all develop in their own time and i’m sure Little Mr has other ideas about getting around. Just today whilst at my Parents house, he took a few steps whilst holding on to my Mom’s hands. It was fantastic to watch him bend his knee and lift his leg up and place his foot down on the carpet. He’ll soon get the hang of it no doubt but my little boy is growing up far to quickly!

Weaning is going really well and Little Mr is down to three bottles of milk throughout the day with the potential to drop his mid afternoon bottle in the next month or two. He loves eating food all by himself. He’s not a huge fan of purees anymore although we do still use them occasionally. Little Mr loves to pick up food from his tray and put it in his mouth. He’s getting really good at picking food up and can happily play with a bowl of peas and several spoonfuls of cheesy mash, of course the tray and the floor get hit with small handfuls of food but he’s having fun exploring and he’s doing it really well.

LM 9 months 3

Sleeping is still going well although he has started to get upset at bedtime as we leave his room. I’m really hoping it’s not because he’s missing us and it’s linked to fireworks or something. Going back to work has broken my heart already, I don’t think I could take it knowing he misses us loads throughout the day.

Little Mr is on the verge of having four teeth. The second top tooth is poking through resulting in his hand constantly in his mouth and lots of dribble! He’s well trained on the Teetha granules now and will open his mouth for them. I’m guessing he knows they help him so he’s happy to take them (or is it a coincidence and I don’t have a genius baby?)

He’s rapidly outgrowing his 6-9 month clothes. Sleepsuits and babygrows in 6-9 seem too short in both the body and the leg and long sleeve t-shirts are starting to become like cropped tops. The next stage clothes will be in the wash shortly.

Little Mr is such a character. He’s usually always smiling (unless I’m at an event like the Fisher Price lunch for example where he was a right grump) and has a very cute giggle. He’s talking quite a bit now although not making much sense but has Dadda or Dad on repeat or Eh or something that sounds like Hi and Es. I just need him to practice the Mumma word a lot more and I’ll be beaming.

Little Mr 9 months

I’ve loved watching him develop, I’m such a proud Mummy and I love him to bits. Can’t really say more than that as you all know how much I love him. He’s ace!

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  • Reply Katie @mummydaddyme 11/11/2013 at 10:14 pm

    He is beautiful Emma and I bet you are so proud of him. Sounds like he is doing perfectly. I cannot believe our babies are nine months old. It makes me feel so sad thinking of the fact that we will soon be celebrating LL’s first birthday! It has gone so so so fast! x

    • Reply mrsshilts 11/11/2013 at 10:23 pm

      Thank you Katie, I am very very proud of him. I’m sure we’re going to say the same when both Little Mr and LL are both hitting their teens, where is the time going! xx

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