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Disclaimer: We were invited to the Laugh and Learn lunch at The Baby Show by Fisher Price and they also made a contribution towards our travel costs. We were also given a couple of toys from the Laugh and Learn range which will be reviewed on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

Fisher Price recently invited Little Mr and I to the Laugh and Learn lunch at The Baby Show in London to hear all about their latest research which revealed that babies and toddlers learn best when they are having fun.

Listening to a baby giggle has got to be one of the best sounds in life. When I first heard Little Mr giggle, it made me beam. It’s such an amazing sound to hear your little one enjoying themselves and even more so, when you see them smiling and reacting to something happening around them.

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“The Childwise research commissioned by Fisher Price shows that despite the rise in smart technology, 2 in 3 mums still believe that playing with toys that encourage fun learning and laughter are best for their baby’s development”

I am a big believer that babies should play with toys that are simple, interactive and encourage them to have fun and agree with the research. Toys should be age appropriate and should let children’s imaginations develop. I agree with the research and love introducing Little Mr to new toys where he can play with them and learn. He recently had a new toy that lit up and made the sound of a door creaking open when the flap of a door was lifted up. He hasn’t stopped playing with the door, he loves it. Opening and closing it just to hear the creak sound effect. It’s great fun.

The research also showed that silly sounds, movement, music, talking and funny faces were amongst the top 5 toy features that made babies laugh. The toys with these features were amongst the most popular and in my opinion, can probably be found in all toy boxes around the world. Think about it, how many toys does your child have don’t have any of these features? Aside from teddy bears I’m guessing there’s not many.

The power of laughter was also researched and the results suggest that laughter is infectious and boosts the mood instantly. After a rubbish day, I know when I see Little Mr laugh and giggle (so much it gives him the hiccups) it’s an instant pick me up and undoubtedly makes me smile. Have you ever kept a straight face when your little one is laughing? I bet it’s incredibly hard as I’ve not yet being able to do it.

At the Laugh and Learn lunch as well as finding out the findings of the research, we were showed video clips of babies laughing as they played with their toys, it was adorable to watch and made me smile. I’m really looking forward to seeing Little Mr’s face light up with a smile as we introduce new toys to him, it certainly brightens my day. It’s obvious that Fisher Price are serious about children having fun whilst they learn, their Laugh and Learn range is brilliant and encourages playtime and laughter whilst contributing to children’s development.

Keep an eye out for a couple of toy reviews coming to the blog soon. I’m sure there will be lots of smiley baby photographs showing off the toy with Little Mr learning and having fun.

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