The unexpected dishwasher disaster..



Having a look around the house there are lots of appliances that I love and have become reliant on. They make life as a busy working Mummy a lot easier and I regularly rely on them to help me tick off the jobs on the to-do list of an evening so that I get an extra 20 minutes to have a bit of time to myself.

If I had to pick just one appliance that is my absolute favourite, I would have to pick my dishwasher. I really hate washing up. I hate standing in front of the sink with a bowl full of soapy water washing the plates and cutlery and scrubbing them clean. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of time at the sink but after eight long years of washing up by hand in our house, we could afford to buy a dishwasher.

Two years ago we had a new kitchen fitted and we managed to squeeze into our boxy kitchen a slim line integrated dishwasher. Bye bye marigolds, adios washing up liquid. Here was the answer to my hand washing up prayers. It was all working like a dream, I was enjoying loading the dirty cups, plates and cutlery after dinner and pressing the power on button so I could enjoy an extra half an hour in front of the television when disaster struck. The dishwasher broke. The cups still had the tea stained remains of the day around their bottoms, the cutlery remained unwashed. I couldn’t believe it. Our shiny new dishwasher was broken. Luckily, it was well within warranty so I made a hasty phone call and booked a morning off work later in the week so that a nice man could come and fix my poorly dishwasher. Back to washing up by hand.

Imagine my surprise when the appliance repair man turned up and asked me where the water inlet tap to the dishwasher was. “Under the sink” I replied, next to the washing powder and the fabric conditioner that we had thrown into the cupboard earlier in the week whilst unloading ‘the big shop’. “Did you know the tap was turned off?” said the repair man, as he twiddled the tap and the dishwasher came back to life. “No”, I replied in an embarrassed state. Yes, in our rush to unload the shopping, we had mistakenly pushed the water supply tap to the dishwasher to the off position. Luckily the repair man saw the funny side of it and we definitely won’t make that mistake again!

This blog post is my entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition.

This appliance gets my seal of approval!


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