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Continuing my nosey at my friend’s Christmas plans, traditions and practices, is an interview with fellow blogger and first time Mum Emily, who’s daughter Nancy will be celebrating her first Christmas this year.

Hello Emily, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

I am Emily, I live in Bristol with my partner and our 8 month old daughter, Nancy. Nancy will be 10 months old by the time Christmas is here, and it will be her first one!

Emily and Nancy

What are your plans for the lead up to Christmas?

I am going to attempt to make a few things, some cards. i have had a go at making some salt dough decorations but it didn’t go well; Nancy ate some of the dough and we had a few issues with actually rolling it and using it! i will try again though. i plan on taking her to see Father Christmas with my Mum, and we are also hoping to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park too. I also want to do a practice Christmas Dinner to make sure it all works out. I also always do an annual Christmas shopping trip with my family, which I am looking forward to!

Will you be starting any new traditions or keeping up with any old ones? 

We will all have a stocking (me and my partner do jokey ones to each other, but Nancy’s will be a proper one!) I don’t really know what other traditions we have. I am looking forward to thinking of them, and adding to them each year. watching the snowman is a must for us on Christmas Eve, and so is having a hot chocolate before we go to bed. I also buy two decorations for the tree each year. We tend to open out stockings in the morning, and then gradually open presents throughout the day, to drag out the festivities for a big longer!

How will you all be spending Christmas Day?

We are going to stay at home. We usually wake up and start the day at home and then go off to either families house but this year we are staying put and people can come to us if they want. So this year for the first time we are going to be making our own Christmas dinner. My partner is a veggie so if anyone has a good recipe for a nut roast please let me know!

What will Nancy be wearing on Christmas Day?

I am still looking for the perfect outfit but i want it to be red and sparkly! I have a sleepsuit all ready for Christmas Eve though, with a rudolph on it!

What gifts will you be buying for Nancy for her first Christmas?

We are not going crazy as she is only 10 months, well I am trying not to! Her big present will be this baby walker with bricks. I had a similar one when I was younger and I have had it in my head since I was pregnant that I would be buying it. I also want to buy an Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden as she loves the programme. I have a few stocking fillers already; a shaker, a bath book and a tambourine. Just little things I know she will love to play with.

Will you be making any Christmas crafts with Nancy this year? 

I want to make some cards, and I have attempted salt dough decorations which didn’t go well first time so I am going to try again. I would also love to make some Christmas biscuits. I am not very crafty but I am willing to give it a go for Nancy’s sake!

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas and how are you going to make it special? 

I am looking forward to the special feeling you get, the happiness, cheer, laughter. Maybe a few drinkies with friends as well. I can’t wait to wake up on Christmas day and see Bubs face. I think she will love all the lights and colours that Christmas brings. I want to have food that we love to eat, drinks we like to drink, I want it be be colourful and magical. I want to make sure that we spend time as a family of three, and enjoy each others company, play and laugh with each other.

Will Nancy be visiting Santa this year? And do you still believe? 

Oh yes! I love Father Christmas. I think it is a big part of Christmas, but probably not so much this year, I think he will just have a quick visit this year. Once Bubs is more aware of what is going on, he will be doing his thing for sure! I am going to take her to see Father Christmas, but what she will make of it, we will have to find out!

Emily blogs at Tealady Mumbles and you can follow her on Twitter as @EmilyTealady

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  • Reply Claire 19/11/2013 at 3:37 pm

    Lots of great ideas there. Sounds like you’ll be having a lovely first Christmas. I’ve attempted salt dough too but not happy with the end result (it rose! and took a lot longer than it should in the oven), perhaps I’ll try again this Christmas.

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