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The internet has become an everyday part of life for most, with the idea of a day spent away from a connection seemingly impossible! Keeping in touch with friends, finding out about world events and even finding new and exciting recipes can all be performed with online help.

But do women use the internet differently to men? The online habits of men and women have been disputed since the popularity of the internet began, with the idea of men spending more time online seen as a fact.

As more ways are created to get online, the balance may have been restored. Luckily, a recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo has revealed all about our nation’s habits online.


Facebook dominated the social networking category, with the vast majority of both women and men choosing it as the social media site they use most often. Twitter followed up in second place, whilst some of the other results showed quite a difference in some types of network.

Of the women surveyed, 9% said they used Pinterest, while only 3% of men said the same. Meanwhile, 8% of women use Instagram, but only 4% of men do. These results would suggest that women are much more visual when it comes to their online life – which isn’t really a surprise, as I love to take pictures all day long.

Despite embracing these visual networks, most women have had some problems with the images that other people have uploaded to Facebook of them! When asked if they had ever untagged themselves from photos, 10% more women answered in the positive than men, though a huge 62% were happy to keep all pictures of themselves tagged!

The darker side of Facebook

As social media became more prominent, its effect in daily life also grew. Sometimes, entire lifestyles can be affected by social networking, leaving some regretting ever signing up to the networks in the first place!

While these stories are in the minority, a notable number have had relationship troubles thanks to social media. When asked if they had ever broken up with someone based on something they had done on social media, 5% of women said they had, and 6% of men said the same.

Some have also had their careers affected by social media, but not in a good way! For both genders, 4% admitted to social media disrupting their careers, whether due to ill-timed status’ (when they’re supposed to be hard at work) or maybe even some dodgy photos (and forgetting who they are friends with!)

Stalking is a terrifying and common practice on sites such as Facebook, and is something most people would dread. Only 2% of women have admitted to this particular practice, though a rather unsettling number of men, 4%, have admitted to the practice, saying that their love interest is the usual attraction!

What do you think? Do you think men use the internet differently? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post 

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