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Little Mr and I are getting a bit of a name for ourselves by travelling up and down the country visiting cities and towns around the UK for family fun, blogging and the odd baby modelling assignment so when Magicbed offered to send us their new revolutionary pop up travel cot, we accepted with excitement. Little Mr has slept both well and badly in various cots over the last six months so I feel we are more than qualified to road test the Magicbed travel cot and couldn’t wait to see how it faired.

First Impressions

The cot is packed away in a travel bag which is brilliant for transporting it around. It’s not particularly heavy either at just 3.4kg so it is easy to carry and so would be ideal for camping trips and weekends away.

The Magicbed website claims that the travel cot pops up in instantly so I wanted to test that claim out. I wasn’t really prepared for how quick the cot pops up into shape. As soon as the elasticated band is removed from around the cot, the frame appears to jump to life and before you know it the travel cot is up. It really is that simple.

The Magicbed comes with a fold up mattress (folds once in the middle) which is placed underneath the frame of the cot in a specially designed pocket. This is a brilliant way of making sure baby is comfortable without placing the mattress directly in the cot and helps prevent getting their little fingers trapped down the side of a mattress. The mattress is quite thick at 4cm and is made out of high density foam. I really dislike the travel cots that have wrap around mattresses once the cot is packed down. They become flat and uncomfortable and result in baby not sleeping well at all (the travel cot in our airport hotel room prior to our Majorca trip, i’m talking about you!) Once the mattress is laid, there is a fleecy liner to attach to the inner bottom of the cot (via velcro) so baby has a soft and comfortable sleeping place.

The Magicbed has two integral pockets; a phone sized pocket on one side of the cot and a larger zipped pocket on the other. These pockets are great for housing sleeping aids and blankets that you might need to hand during the night or toys and dummies should you use the bed throughout the day as a playpen.


To put the cot down, you need to remove the mattress from underneath the cot and take out the fleecy inner. Then pull the right side of the cot frame down towards your left knee and the right side of the cot down towards your right knee. In all honesty, it did take me a couple of attempts and a quick watch of the video to get the cot down but once I knew how to do it, it was fairly quick and easy to do.


What we liked

We took the Magicbed travel cot with us on our trip to Cambridge recently and popped it up alongside our bed in the hotel. I really like how quick it is to put up. It is literally seconds. I like how padded the mattress is and it fits the cot very well. Little Mr slept really well in the cot which was great, he obviously found it very comfy and roomy to turn over in as he slept for over 11 hours in it through the night.

We have also used the travel cot during the day as a playpen for Little Mr to use. There are 2 mesh windows on the sides of the cot so he can see me as he’s playing. It is also great for keeping Little Mr and our dog separate when I need to pop upstairs or go to the kitchen. At least I know where he will be on my return.

What we’re not so sure of

Once the Magicbed travel cot is popped up, the frame of the cot is a little larger than the inner sleeping space. We didn’t really know where to put our feet when putting Little Mr in the cot as you have to bend over quite a bit to place the baby down onto the mattress. We didn’t want to tread on the fabric of the cot but didn’t know where best to place our feet.

The lowdown

The Magicbed travel cot measures 1 metre by 60 centimetres when assembled, weighs 3.4kg and has been European safety tested to ensure it is safe for little ones to use. The travel cot has also been approved for use by children up to the age of 3 years old. The travel cot is available to buy in different colour ways to suit your preference.

pop up travel cot


The Magicbed travel cot is available from the Magicbed website at £109 plus shipping costs. The travel cot is a little more expensive than the travel cot we bought for Little Mr’s camping holiday but it has so many plus points that you really do get what you pay for. I would recommend this travel cot to families who travel a lot and want to take their own cot for the little one.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All words are honest, unbiased and my own.

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