Review: Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre and Poppy Cat (ad)


poppy cat sealife centre birmingham
A couple of weeks ago, Little Mr and I were kindly given tickets to visit Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre who was exhibiting in partnership with Poppy Cat, the popular cartoon cat.

Little Mr hadn’t been to visit his ‘local’ Sea Life Centre before so it was a special treat for us both to go and have a look at what wonderful Sea Life was on our doorstep.

We met up with Bex and her daughter and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the Centre, taking in all the displays and being mesmerised by the large collection of fish and marine life dancing around in the tanks in front of us. We were offered the chance to touch a starfish but chickened out as we had to put our hands into a deep tub of water. We’re not that brave!


I was particularly fond of one of the large open topped tanks as there was fish and small sharks busily swimming around and one shark swam up to the surface and did a back flip into the water splashing both me and Little Mr below. The tanks were really clean and you could see all the fish really clearly. I loved reading the display boards next to the tanks as you could get a real insight into the life of the sea creatures and what they fed on and where they could be found along with other ‘Did you know?’ facts.



There were Poppy Cat posters dotted around the Centre encouraging the young children to get involved and look closer at the tanks. Some were asking the little ones to make mouths like a fish or snap their hands together like a crab. It was all good fun ideal for toddlers and young children.


We walked through the underwater sea tunnel which really caught Little Mr’s attention. He loved sitting under the swimming fish and the huge shark and turtle parading around above him. He loved it. The tunnel is so bright it really encourages little ones to have a look around. Whilst we were there, Poppy Cat herself came and said hello which amazed all the children.



Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to meet Poppy Cat again for the meet and greet story session which was disappointing so I’m afraid there are no photographs of Little Mr meeting her or listening to a story but Bex and her daughter met Poppy Cat which made their trip. Little Mr was more than happy with his paper hat that he was able to take home as a souvenir.


It’s worth mentioning that Little Mr may still be a little young to appreciate the sea life experience but he did look at all the brightly lit tanks and watched the fish swim past and he didn’t get upset or fall asleep so I’m taking that as a positive and that he enjoyed himself.


There is a new midweek ticket offer where an adult and child under 5 can gain entry into the Centre for just £12. We were at the Centre for just under 3 hours so I think that is quite good value for money.

Facilities for families

There are toilets and baby change facilities located around the Centre which we took advantage of and used the lifts to get the pushchair up and down the various floors. Whilst I took Little Mr’s packed lunch with me, I didn’t take any for myself. There is a seating area with access to vending machines (with crisps, sweets and chocolate to buy) but I would probably take my own lunch next time to save on the pennies and the calories.

Thanks to Poppy Cat and Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre for inviting us, we had a lovely morning and enjoyed ourselves.

Disclaimer: We received free entry into the Sea Life Centre but all photos, words and views are my own. 

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