Reinventing the Roast


You know the story: it happens every Sunday, in every family, in every town, in every county. The Sunday roast.

As stories go, it’s on the level of a soap opera episode that’s played over and over again. It never moves forward and has sat on your table so many times that it’s more like a piece of the landscape!

Well, enough is enough. Before you sit down to your slice of dale, here are some ideas on how to reinvent that roast and get this story moving again.

The meat

Now, as with most changes, you don’t want to alter things too drastically too quickly. Why not start slowly by giving a new slant to the classic roast meat: beef. After all, do we really want to give up our ‘rosbeef’ nickname so quickly?

A simple way to give a new twist to this old classic is a change to the marinade: why not try red wine-marinated beef? A simple marinade of red wine, bay leaves, garlic and mustard can give your main meat the burst of freshness you’re looking for.

The potatoes

To try out new and different combinations with your roast, change one item at a time and see how it works with the old classics. Why not go a little wild on this one and completely reinvent the old roast spuds? You could replace them with some spicy potato wedges and give a real zing to your roast but there are plenty of other potato based options you can try.

Take a look at McCain products for more inspiration and tasty potato accompaniments you don’t have to make from scratch!

The veg

How about giving a really continental twist to the classic English Sunday Roast? Italian-style roasted vegetables can provide a really powerful burst of flavour to strike an invigorating contrast in the meal.

To achieve this, combine onion, garlic and celery with the classic potatoes and carrots. Toss them all in olive oil and roast them together, seasoned with basil and your other favourite Italian herbs.

The Yorkshire puddings

To be honest, our friends in the North really gave us a winner with these, and there aren’t too many things you can do to reinvent them. A Yorkshire pudding with onion, garlic and red wine is about as far as you can go as you don’t want to ruin this tasty treat.

If you’re feeling really adventurous though, you could try replacing this classic altogether and giving another continental twist in the form of pastry cheese puffs or ‘Pâtes à Choux’.

The stuffing

Now, here’s where you can get really adventurous. There are just so many inventive and exotic stuffing flavours out there.

Apple stuffing, apricot stuffing, turkey stuffing, mushroom and bacon stuffing, squash, mushroom and rice stuffing … the list goes on … and so do the thousands of original ways for you to reinvent your roast!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post in collaboration with McCains.

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