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With perfect timing (the day I declared I was starting my diet!) a box full of Walkers Mighty Lights landed on my doorstep. Walkers have recently launched their new healthier crisp, Mighty Lights boasting 30% less fat than the average packet of crisps making them ideal for dieting mummies, hungry nephews and busy daddies.

We were sent three multi-packs of the new ridged crunch; Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese and Onion. Of course as soon as you’re faced with a handful of packets of crisps you want to delve straight in and just for you, that’s what I did.


What’s good to know..

All 3 flavours are suitable for vegetarians, they’re available from shops nationwide. They’re made from real potatoes, are a source of fibre and they’re free from artificial colours and preservatives. They don’t contain gluten, nuts or sesame seeds.

What we thought..

If you want an honest opinion of something, give it to a child who can talk. We looked after my 5 year old nephew in the week and so at lunchtime, after he had eaten his mandatory ham sandwiches (without the crusts) I gave him a packet of crisps to try out. Not keen on fussy flavours, he opted for the Lightly Salted crisps. One bite was all it took for the thumbs up. He liked the zig zag pattern on the crisps, they’re crunchy and they tasted lovely. Great feedback from my nephew.

On first impressions, they look nice to eat, smell tasty and they’re a decent sized crisp when you open up the packet. For those on a diet, the crisps are 114 calories a packet which for the amount of crisps you get per pack is quite a feast compared to other lower fat snacks on the market. The Lightly Salted crisps were just 3 WW ProPoints per packet and so good to add to a low fat lunch. Personally, I’m not too keen on the herby flavour that Walkers have added to the Lightly Salted crisp, I much prefer a plain crisp with a touch of salt. I found the crisp to leave a little grease in my mouth too which I’m not a huge fan of. Perhaps it’s because I’ve cut down on the amount of crisps I eat and I’ve forgotten how greasy some can be.

I’m not keen on many flavoured crisps so have offered both the cheese and onion and chicken flavour crisps to friends stopping for lunch and plan to use the rest of the roast chicken crisps (crushed down) as a new topping for my cheesy chicken melt. (Chicken breast with mozzarella and a handful of crushed crisps mixed with breadcrumbs as the topping. Sounds yummy!

Overall we would recommend these crisps if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to regular crisps, I would prefer Ready Salted to Lightly Salted but then if you’re a regular crisp eater and would like to try a new flavour, these crisps are for you.


A multi-packet of 6 Walkers Mighty Light crisps are currently on offer at just £1 at Asda and Tesco. Usual price £1.90 with Ocado which I would say is about average for a multi-packet.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received the products for the purpose of this review. All views and images are my own.

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